Lost There’s no sea In which to sink    Happy pictures with me But only  When I was a child    Loose fitting  Clothes As I vanish    Motorways; the grey Hinterland  Between nothings    The king commands Whatever he wills Wishes it were otherwise   Sleep is a cocoon Warmth, just the right amount … More Haikus

Poem – Pretence

I no longer have to pretend  I don’t know if it is the greatest gift which could be given, But it’s something I’ll gladly accept,  The best thing is perhaps for others to understand And for you in turn to understand them But if you cannot manage that, If the knowledge beyond comprehension lies, Then … More Poem – Pretence

Poem – Mind Stream

If it’s not the images, it’s the words And if it’s not the words it’s the numbers And if it’s not the numbers it’s the ideas, And if it’s not the ideas it’s the –  Chaos! Screams! Streaming! –  All at once –  cascading, falling over my head, Bouncing like bubbles from champagne fountains, Delirious, … More Poem – Mind Stream