Essay – The Sadness of the King – an analysis of ‘The Last Unicorn’

“Moominland in Winter (is) as good an evocation of clinical depression as you’re ever likely to encounter.” (Will Self) Long ago, or so we are told, there was a king and his name was Haggard. He roamed the world searching for things which made him happy, for nothing ever did – or at least, not … More Essay – The Sadness of the King – an analysis of ‘The Last Unicorn’

Random Thoughts

I have thought long and hard about whether to include this on my blog and I have finally decided that I will. It’s a collection of thoughts, written over a fairly long period of time on all sorts of different subjects but predictably, depression comes up a lot. This is as personal as my writing … More Random Thoughts

Story – Unmasked

The second of a pair. My second go at erotica – don’t read if easily offended 🙂  The sound of her footsteps were what woke him up – not the dancing lantern. Many years later it was that he remembered and it struck him as odd. It was almost as though she’d wanted  him to … More Story – Unmasked

Story – Mask

The first of a pair – my first major go at erotica. Don’t read if easily offended 🙂  The sun was setting when she first saw him.  He rode a fine grey mare and wore long, black clothes, loose-fitting and suitable for travel. Even in the struggling twilight she could see they were robes with the telltale outline of … More Story – Mask