Coked In the black earth I want to fly    Where is the day When mistakes Will ever be made   They find you They find you out And out you go    The moon is appealing The sun is not The light is appalling    Stop me I cried Have you ever heard me … More Haikus


Don’t try to stop me, You won’t be able to When the time comes   I will be glad to go; When I go I swear I will be glad    Continuance seems tortuous Why continue?  Is it the guilt we fear?    Devastation remains, When the person is gone, Are my thoughts then, guilty?  … More Haikus

Poem – Communication

I’ve never heard of anything, That you have, So all jokes and references, Attempts at being matey, Fall flat.    Communication with me is a one-way street, You depart disaffected, I go home and switch on my TV, For I don’t care about you, And you must accommodate me   

Poem – Bartleby

Mr B –  Is such, that he –  Would prefer Not to  Either for you, or for me As the case may be  (The universe collapses to a pin-prick) And Mr B –  Would invariably Prefer not to. And so –  He didn’t 

Poem – Magus

Why bother?  Why anything?  You rush And fly  And fall And then are gone Most of your fellow performers Think they are the star of the show A few know It’s all slight of hand A cheap carnival show A bankrupt magician A faded stage Collapsed in on itself Age after age