More Haikus

Optimism  Gave way To realism    I am the last I am the first It doesn’t matter which I am    You can trust me Not to be trusted Or to create a paradox    ‘Have a nice lunch.’ There’s no such thing As a free one    The wall sprang up I saw through … More More Haikus

Poem – Trinket

Here’s a leaving gift  Which you won’t want And neither would anybody else You can have it back; I never wanted it, I never required it, It was not of any use, Here’s a crummy watch, A beer-mat, a novelty statue, A book about crappy MPs, A crummy history tome, Lying around the house, re-wrapped, … More Poem – Trinket


A piece of automatic writing with no breaks. Don’t read if easily upset  . . . . I often wonder when I will kill myself. I have no specific plans to end my own life I just take it for granted that at some stage I probably will. When the money runs out or I … More Confession

Poem – Sparks

The ideas must emerge As pointed dots of light, Lighthouses in the dark, ‘Come with me,’ they say ‘I’ll get you out.’ Worlds are created, Systems are built, Chaos is kept at bay, Order emerges, From the furthest corners of the mind, We write to create, And to keep the madness contained