Earl Grey – The Love Affair (or how to make the perfect cuppa)

Those who know me well will testify to my love affair with Earl Grey tea. It’s easily my favourite hot drink although good coffee and hot chocolate are close runners-up. I may well blog something about how my addiction began but for now I thought I’d share the following with you – my guide to … More Earl Grey – The Love Affair (or how to make the perfect cuppa)

Ten Myths Debunked

I’ve heard or thought several of these myself. The ones I haven’t are still alarmingly common. I’ve split these into two categories – myths depressives are told and myths depressives tell themselves. First Five – Things Other People Tell You Myth – People with depression are just lazy / idle / weak-willed / spineless. They should … More Ten Myths Debunked

Toxic Shame

I have bottled some of these feelings up for more than 20 years. Those closest to me and my therapist are aware of them, but no-one else. In the spirit of healing and sharing I have decided to share them with you. I haven’t planned any of this blog post which may be a bit … More Toxic Shame


Granted, I am a mere explorer on this alien world but I shall very soon make my mark. Around me, the cold white extends as far as my field of vision can reach. I shall call upon my reserves of guile and play the conqueror to spite this pitiless adversary, this barren, dead landscape. Some … More Untitled