My Ideal Day

I can describe My Ideal Day in one sentence – a day without depression.

A more detailed description would be – a day where I didn’t wake up feeling exhausted, miserable or drowning in a festering pit of self-loathing.

It wouldn’t matter whether I was at work that day or not. A depression-free day would be enjoyable in and of itself.

I would cope with whatever minor irritations the world threw at me without feeling like I wanted to scream or burst into tears.

I would get things done at a nice, steady rate, feel pleased with my efforts and not berate myself for all the things I didn’t manage to get done.

I would treat myself kindly and lovingly, having two showers a day, regular meals and a good supply of water and soothing cups of tea.

I would find time to relax, even if just for a few minutes and take the time to be still, to listen, to experience and simply just to be.

I would be happy to be myself, living my life and be content with my circumstances accepting that I cannot change the world – but can change things in my own life one step at a time.

I would accept that it is not necessary for everyone to like me in order for me to be happy or fulfilled as a person.

I would accept that recovery can be a long journey and that I had done the right and only sane thing by walking the path with no regrets.

I would have the opportunity to meet other interesting people, my fellow travellers on this strange journey and to share thoughts, ideas and stories.

I would find at least one thing funny enough to make me laugh – preferably until my sides ached.

I would not find myself uncomfortably dwelling on the past.

I would not find myself wishing I were someone other than myself – or wishing I were better-looking, richer or more endowed with intellect and talent.

I could describe the superficial details – the music I’d play, the things I’d read, the places I’d go – but that has nothing to do with making the day Ideal.


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