Thoughts on Depression

Just a short post, this.

With each of these sentences I have taken the word ‘depression’ and substituted it for the word ‘cancer’ just to see what the effect would be. Here are the results.

  1. I don’t know why you’ve got cancer – you’ve got everything going for you
  2. You’ve not really got cancer you just think you have
  3. Your cancer is just a stage you’re going through
  4. What have you got to have cancer for? There are lots of people in the world worse off than you
  5. Why have you got cancer? You were always so happy as a child
  6. I’m sick of hearing about your cancer all the time
  7. Your cancer is just in your head – if you think happy thoughts it will go away
  8. Well none of the rest of the family has cancer, so why should you? Do you think you’re special or something?
  9. Cancer’s just fashionable at the moment, isn’t it?
  10. Have you thought about getting a girlfriend / boyfriend? If you had one, you probably wouldn’t have cancer
Do all of the above statements seem silly? Ridiculous? Heartless? Just plain absurd? Good! Now why is depression any different? I hope we will one day arrive in a world which takes all illness mental as well as physical, equally seriously and treats people with compassion and humanity.

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