Poem – What If I’d Been a Girl?

This may be explored in more detail elsewhere. Who knows?

And if I’d been a girl,

Would you have loved me any more?

If I’d been one of those sweet little things,

Born in May or June,

Jaunting around the school with a soft summer frock,

The object of all their desires,

Long shimmering red hair dancing in the breeze,

Beautiful and brilliant as all the best people are?

And what if I hacked it off right now?

Hacked off the fucking thing, bled all over the floor,

Renounced my baptism, my entry into this sad, blasted state,

Spat out my male-ness,

Entered into communion with the wannabes and those whose delight lies elsewhere?

What then would you say?

Would you accept me as one of you?

Or am I a reject, an outcast, thrown from the thrones of heaven,

Debarred from the club, banned, cast out and scorned forever?

I cannot remodel myself with razors or blades

This world has me,

And of myself there is but one,

As there is of the world


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