Marcel Proust the Master of Questions

The following questions were made famous by Marcel Proust in the 1890s. I have decided to attempt them myself – here are my answers. Your favourite virtue? Honesty and especially intellectual honesty. Your favourite qualities in a man? Intelligence, sensitivity, kindness and loyalty – all the traits which make for a great friend. Your favourite … More Marcel Proust the Master of Questions

Random Music Quiz

Here’s another of those endless quizzes you find online about favourite albums. Here’s my answers – just for a bit of fun. What’s Your Favourite… Live album? Motorhead – No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith or the two Cash ones listed below Jazz album? Miles Davis – Kind of Blue Country album? Johnny Cash – Live at … More Random Music Quiz

Poem – Find Me

Occasionally, They’d try to find me But never did, of course, Periodically, They’d shout my name out, Drown the blaze out, Jump and scream and tear their eyes out, But still not find the source I am here, lying still, In the places you won’t go, Actions made or never taken, Waiting for the silent … More Poem – Find Me