Ten Random Questions

What is your favourite word?

I couldn’t narrow it down to just one, there’s lots I like. I love descriptive words which are quite vinegary. Ones like ‘rancid’ or ‘repugnant’ they’re good. I also like words like ‘imbecilic.’
And your least favourite word?
I hate stupid buzzwords as well as ugly constructions. Things like ‘totes amazeballs.’ I know that’s two words but there’s quite a few like that so I had to mention it.
What qualities do you find attractive?
Intelligence and compassion. Also a willingness to think for oneself, mental independence.
What qualities do you find unattractive?
Obvious things like cruelty and violence. On a more mundane level, selfishness, mean-spiritedness, arrogance, narrow-mindedness, bigotry and manipulativeness. The biggest is intellectual dishonesty.
What are your favourite sounds?
The sea, wine glugging as it pours into a glass from a full bottle (even though I don’t drink).
What are your least favourite sounds?
Crowds roaring – I always find it intimidating. People shouting, dogs barking, insects buzzing if it’s indoors.
What is your favourite swear word?
I use ‘fuck’ and ‘fucking’ quite a bit.
What profession would you like to do other than your own?
Freelance writer (working from home), some kind of therapist.
What job would you least like to do?
So far the job I liked least was working for the civil service for six months – it was horrible. I can think of jobs I’d be totally unsuited for though. A dog trainer or a professional bee keeper among them.
If heaven exists what would you like to hear God say when you met him?
If we’re talking the Christian God I think I’d go with what other atheists have probably said. I’d ask why he’d taken such pains to hide himself from his creations and why he had not prevented them from carrying out atrocities in his name. If it were Wotan I’d high-five him and ask if he’d let me into Valhalla.

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