Tune in to some Lou

Happy belated new year everyone. I haven’t been very well in the last week or two with anxiety and panic attacks getting the better of me. But I figured it was time for the first proper post of the new year – so let’s have some throw-back fun. As 2016 starts, let’s go back to the end of the last century for a bit of musical inspiration. 

As the 20th Century moved to its end, a magazine asked Lou Reed for his top 10 records of the century. I found this list online during one of my endless trawls for this kind of trivia and thought I’d share the results. Here’s the top 10 records Lou chose, in the original order: 

Lou Reed’s Top 10 Records of the Century (1999)

  1. Change of the Century – Ornette Coleman

  2. Tilt – Scott Walker / The Belle Album – Al Green / Anything by Jimmy Scott

  3. Blood on the Tracks – Bob Dylan

  4. Speciality sessions – Little Richard

  5. Singles – Hank Williams

  6. Anthology – Harry Smith

  7. Does Your House Have Lions – Raahsen Roland Kirk

  8. Stay With me Baby – Lorraine Ellison

  9. Mother – John Lennon

  10. O Superman – Laurie Anderson

What are my thought on these? Hmm. Blood on the Tracks I regard as the finest rock album ever made so I can’t really disagree with that one. There’s some respectable choices with the Little Richard and the Hank Williams plus the avant-garde is well covered with the Ornette Coleman, the latter-period Scott Walker and of course the inimitable Laurie Anderson. 

I’d make a very different list of course and most likely, so would you. What list would you make? It’s the kind of fun things we think about while blogging and while escaping the confines of the real world with all its petty vexations. 








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