Dear AIMHOUDTMI, That is, Anyone I Might Have Offended Unintentionally Due to Mental Illness (AIMHOUDTMI) In a narrow sense, I address this letter to past work colleagues, but it could apply as easily to anyone I have met who meets the above criteria. I am very sorry if I offended you during our time together, … More Dear AIMHOUDTMI

Story – Deicide

I wrote this some time ago having been influenced by Harlan Ellison’s The Deathbird story. It’s partly an homage to that and partly an attempt to have a go at a very different style of writing. I hope you enjoy it.  I  This is the way we kill our gods Kill our gods Kill our … More Story – Deicide

Poem – Here Is Where You Sign Your Soul Away

Here is where you sign your soul away – at the End of the document. Right there. Entertain no thoughts of escape, Individuality or Survival. We control all things here, Horrors, Even beyond your worst imaginings, Reside here, and you, for all Eternity You are an Object Under our command Seeing no way out, Imagining … More Poem – Here Is Where You Sign Your Soul Away