Art Mag Questions

I came across this set of questions online in some art magazine or other and thought it would be fun to answer them. They’re slightly more imaginative than the usual type of questions you get in these things.  What’s your favourite ritual? Morning cups of Earl Grey tea or coffee (mood dependent) What is your favourite … More Art Mag Questions

Poem -Verses

I wrote these as individual short poems and then combined them. This is me on a depressed tear although nowhere near as bad as I can get (in fairness when I’m that bad I don’t generally write or do very much of anything).  All is cold Nothing’s hot, Either your face fits, Or it does … More Poem -Verses

Some Famous Depressives

Exactly what it says on the tin. This list used to be just 100 but I expanded it.  Famous People Who Experience(d) Depression Douglas Adams (writer) Hans Christian Andersen (writer) Phil Anselmo (musician)  Adam Ant (musician) Aristotle (philosopher)  Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin (astronaut) Woody Allen (film director, comedian) Richard Ashcroft (musician) Alex Baldwin (actor) Roseanne Barr … More Some Famous Depressives


Medication doses can generate these feelings. They call it depersonalisation. It’s just a word. It doesn’t tell you how it feels to experience it.  Raindrops slide down the windows as though the panes are crying. A chimney half a mile away issues a thin plume of smoke while malnourished birds cut through the cold air. … More Untitled