Poem – What?

The following is not aimed at anyone likely to be reading this blog. I would like to add this as a friendly disclaimer 🙂  What do you want me to say?  What do you want me to do?  What do you want from me?  What can I say which will ever convince you?  Satisfy you?  … More Poem – What?


I was off for a fortnight. For the first week I slept for most of the day, lulled by the diminishing effects of the morphine. I listened to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, Neil Young’s On the Beach and Tonight’s the Night. I was alive but not alive. As the morphine wore off, the pain kicked in, … More Masks

Some Day My Brain Will Come – Snow White and Intelligence

What’s the message in Disney’s classic 1937 film Snow White?  Could it be that good always triumphs? That love conquers all? That we shouldn’t judge by appearances? Yes to all three – but I’d like to suggest another, perhaps less obvious message at play And it’s this – that intelligence is bad, stupidity is good. … More Some Day My Brain Will Come – Snow White and Intelligence

REM – Playlist

This follows the same format as the other playlists I have done with another of my favourite bands. I hope you enjoy it.  REM Playlist Carnival of Sorts Gardening at Night Radio Free Europe We Walk Southern Central Rain Don’t Go Back to Rockville Pretty Persuasion Maps and Legends Driver 8 Fall on Me Cuyahoga … More REM – Playlist