Story – In the Head

Two of my favourite authors, Neil Gaiman and JG Ballard have both written stories in this format so I thought I’d have a go. I hope you enjoy it. 

Transcript of subject’s response to interview questions follows.

Information classified. 

  1. Robert Andrew Kenyon 
  2. 47 
  3. 18 Cherry Tree Way, Partingtonshire West 
  4. Barry and Angela Kenyon
  5. Both dead – and no history I know of, no 
  6. Bachelor 
  7. None 
  8. Secondary-school teacher 
  9. Geography 
  10. Elston Hall High School 
  11. Eight years this September 
  12. Harry Winters 
  13. He was the headteacher. My boss
  14. Yes, he appointed me originally
  15. I’d say okay. He always let you have time off if you needed it
  16. I don’t drink 
  17. Not for about three years 
  18. No 
  19. The evening before I did it 
  20. We were in a staff meeting 
  21. About 6pm I think, I’m not sure 
  22. I have no idea. I just suddenly noticed
  23. His eyes  Well, the colour
  24. They were black
  25. No, not the pupils – the whole eye. Totally black. Empty. Nothing there. 
  26. Of course I was! 
  27. No, I thought it was just a trick of the light. That’s what I told myself anyway. 
  28. I don’t need glasses 
  29. I blinked and after I’d blinked I looked again and they were normal. They only looked as they had for a split second at most. Nobody else noticed anything. 
  30. Blue, I think. Although he did wear contacts 
  31. No I didn’t hear the voice then. That was later
  32. When I was driving home 
  33. Yes, I’ve already told you I was scared. Wouldn’t you be? 
  34. Of course I can remember what it said 
  35. It said ‘join us’ 
  36. Yes ‘us’ 
  37. I have no idea. I was so terrified I didn’t know what to think 
  38. Deep and throaty. Gurgly. Not human at all
  39. I’m not religious
  40. I managed to drive the rest of the way home without crashing although my hands were shaking like you wouldn’t believe 
  41. No. I told you I don’t drink
  42. Yes, I went straight to it. It was the first thing I did when I got back. 
  43. My granddad brought it back from the war
  44. I have no idea. Some kind of automatic
  45. No of course not. I only kept it because I thought it might be worth something 
  46. In a shoebox in a cupboard underneath the stairs. Well-hidden obviously
  47. No I didn’t hear the voice again that night 
  48. Because no-one would have believed me 
  49. I wanted to make sure I was right 
  50. The following day
  51. In my jacket pocket 
  52. I didn’t want them to know what I was planning, so I just went in and taught all morning as normal – I had one of my GCSE classes to sort out with their coursework 
  53. How do you think I was feeling? Horrible obviously 
  54. No I hadn’t taken anything 
  55. Or had a drink 
  56. The secretary came in with five minutes to go.
  57. Mrs Lowerstoff. I don’t know her first name she’s from an agency. Or was. 
  58. A message from the head or so she said 
  59. Yes that’s when I heard it again
  60. ‘You can’t stop us. Don’t try.’ 
  61. No it was softer, lighter than the one before – it sounded more female if that’s possible
  62. Yes it was coming from the secretary 
  63. Well obviously she was one of them 
  64. I don’t know. The head must have got to her after school or something – how the hell should I know? 
  65. Okay – sorry 
  66. Yes, I’m perfectly calm thank you  
  67. No, I don’t need a break 
  68. Okay – well the bell went, the class left and I had a free period next 
  69. Yes that was when I’d meant to do it 
  70. Well, they were trying to scare me – playing with me obviously. I assumed they were going to get me as they had the others
  71. I decided to have it out with him
  72. I don’t know. To take over the school and then the country and then eventually the world
  73. I knew I had to stop them 
  74. I walked straight there
  75. About two minutes it’s not a very big school 
  76. I could hear him on the phone inside his office
  77. It sounded human at first, yes
  78. Well then it changed
  79. Gurgling, alien – evil 
  80. It was something about making plans for the future – eliminating opposition, strategic objectives – I didn’t get the rest 
  81. I have no idea if he knew I was there or not 
  82. I wasn’t giving him the chance to do anything was I? 
  83. I kicked in the door
  84. Yes, it was locked from inside 
  85. He looked surprised
  86. Once. In the head. 
  87. He slumped back in his chair
  88. Mrs Lowerstoff came running in 
  89. She was screaming – or at least you’d have thought so 
  90. Gurgling. That’s the noise it was really making. I heard it gurgling
  91. Because the leader was dead, obviously and they’d been unmasked
  92. I just kept firing until the gun clicked 
  93. She dropped with the first one I just kept on going
  94. No, no regrets at all 
  95. I’m not sure. I remember feeling cold and warm at the same time
  96. I sat on the floor although I don’t really remember doing it 
  97. No, I don’t want to plead insanity 
  98. No, I don’t expect you to believe me 
  99. Don’t you think I’d make up a more convincing story than this if I were? 
  100. Just keep your eyes open. If any of your colleagues start acting funny – well, don’t say I didn’t warn  you. 

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