Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! – Walkthrough Guide

I have been a fan of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! books almost as long as I have been reading. Here is my affectionate tribute to his series and the results of a recent playthrough I did. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Any mistakes in this are entirely down to me. 


General Notes on play

  1. For all these books I am going to assume you play as a wizard. This means you only get 1D6 + 4 SK (as opposed to the usual 1D6 + 6 SK), but you get to use spells and there’s only one mandatory fight in the first book anyway.

  2. I’m not going to write all the paragraph numbers here, just an outline of where you need to go and what you need to do.

  3. You can keep track of your own SK, ST and LK plus the gold and provisions you use. There’s plenty of opportunities to restore gold and provisions especially in the earlier books and many of the spell items you need you can get without spending a penny.

  4. There’s quite a few power-ups available so you can potentially complete the quest with a starting skill of just 5 although I’d recommend a decent starting luck score – ideally LK9 or better (see Seven Serpents solution for details)

  5. Spells and (fight) encounters are in caps

  6. The books are inconsistent on  whether you can carry more than one weapon at a time. Since you acquire the hardwood spear in Crown of Kings I will assume you can carry more than one weapon unless you are explicitly told you cannot.

  7. There’s a few snarky comments which I’ll put in italics just to keep things fun

  8. And most obviously – SPOILERS ALERT! Don’t read this if you don’t want to know what happens in the books.

The Shamutanti Hills (Sorcery! Book One)

You start with:

20 Gold pieces
2 provisions


  • Arrive at the village of Cantopani.

  • Tell the villager you are a trader. NB – you can only buy three items from those on offer

  • Buy broadsword (-2D6 GP)

  • Buy pipe (-1D6 GP)

  • If you’ve money left (very likely unless you roll a combined 18 for the other two), buy bag of teeth (-3GP) Don’t worry about depleting your gold, you’ll soon acquire more.

  • Leave the merchant

  • You bought:

  • Broadsword – +1 Attack Strength in combat (useful if you’re a low-skill wizard)

  • Pipe – really a bamboo flute

  • and possibly a bag of teeth containing one 1 giant tooth and 4 goblin teeth

  • Leave the village

  • Encounter BANDITS and refuse to hand over your items

  • Cast JIG (-1ST) to get rid of them and leave

  • Encounter old man and take spell book page (102)

  • Investigate buzzing from tree

  • Roll 1D6 1-4 = lose that many ST points

  • Climb up and get beeswax and honey (+1 Provisions)

  • Follow path into the valley

  • Continue

  • Find a place to camp

  • Eat provisions here (-1 Provisions, +2ST) 

  • Stand up and hail the elvins

  • Attempt to speak with them

  • Join them

  • Rest

  • Yes, you ate provisions yesterday

  • Continue along the path on your side of the water

  • Avoid the village 

  • Try to continue (+1LK) NB You shouldn’t have actually lost any luck yet!

  • Follow this path

  • Take 12 GP but lose an item ( – beeswax)

  • Take Locket With Picture of Woman

  • Cast WOK (-1ST and – 1GP) to avoid the Elvins’ acorns (you can ignore this if you’d rather save your money in which case -3ST). Seriously, how come acorns do 3ST damage – what are they made of, adamantium?

  • Arrive at Kristianti

  • Seek an inn (-1GP)

  • Sit next to the old man – gain a bomba fruit (double ST gain when you eat it with provisions)

  • Eat and leave (+3ST)

  • You ate but did not rest

  • Choose the second path (125)

  • You don’t need to throw the beggar a gold piece You can if you want though – altruism and all that

  • Follow sign ‘to Alianna’

  • Enter house find Alianna locked in a cage

  • Help her

  • Cast DOP (-2ST)

  • She will offer you a reward – it’s up to you what you take. Ragnar’s Armband of Swordmastery is probably the more useful since it gives you a +2 Attack Strength when using a sword. If your initial stats are like SK10 or something, feel free to take the nose plugs, vial of glue and five pebbles instead. Also take 7GP

  • Alianna conjures a WOOD GOLEM to attack you.

  • Cast JIG (-1ST) and escape. (Ungrateful so and so.)

  • Make contact with villagers in Dhumpus

  • Ignore them and leave

  • Leave food and find somewhere to camp

  • Eat here (-1 Provisions +2ST)Take the path downwards into a wood

  • Cross the bridge and meet the hunchback (Vancass) – answer his questions

  • The answer to the first is Alianna

  • The answer to the second is Cantopani, Kristatanti and Dhumpus

  • Get vital clue about manticore’s cave (always go left)

  • Continue towards the village

  • Talk to the creature 

  • Allow Jann the minimite to stay on your shoulder. NB – While Jann is with you, you cannot cast spells, making him a gigantic pain in the ass.

  • Arrive in the village where there’s a weird festival going on. You can visit the waterfall if you like (-3GP) which will restore SK, ST and LK to initial values. NB – since you’re going to get that pretty soon anyway, I wouldn’t bother unless your stamina is really low 

  • Leave village and find somewhere to sleep

  • Eat here (-1Provisions +2ST)

  • Rest (+3ST)

  • Follow the path downhill to the west

  • Fight ASSASSIN (SK8, ST6) – NB this is the only unavoidable fight in the book. Once you reduce him to ST3 spare his life. Since you recently ate and / or restored your stats to full you should be in decent shape, but call on Libra if you’re really struggling. You only need two hits to end the fight and even if you rolled a minimum SK5 character, your +3 SK bonuses will make it an even fight). 

  • Get Flanker as an ally in Khare (see notes below)

  • See what the old woman wants

  • Drink the tea she has given you (+1ST and +1LK)

  • You have the spell book page

  • Get rid of Jann (102 +103 = 205) feel free to do a celebratory dance at this point since now you can use your magic again!

  • Attempt to make contact with the villagers

  • Don’t eat provisions here – the villagers give you some. 

  • Settle down for the rest of the night

  • Eat provisions they give you (+2GP) and don’t bother trying to escape. NB – You will need ST11 or better before entering the cave. If you are short, top up using provisions. 

  • You’re thinking of only the treasures you can win (and not the fact you have been kidnapped and forced to go on an unwanted rescue mission)

  • Enter the cave. You don’t have Jann with you any more

  • Take torch and tinder box

  • Go left

  • Go left

  • Encounter MANTICORE (SK12 ST18)

  • Cast DOZ (-2ST)

  • Cast another spell

  • Cast HOT (-4ST)

  • Cast WAL (-4ST)

  • You trap the manticore. Rescue the Svinn girl and leave

  • Restore SK, ST and LK to initial levels and +1 to initial LK

  • Take 10 GP key to Khare gates (12)

  • You win!

You finish with:
Broadsword (+1 Attack Strength)
At least 10GPs 
Bamboo flute
Locket with a picture of a woman inside
Either Ragnar's Armband of Swordmastery (+2 Attack Strength when using sword), or five pebbles, nose plugs and a vial of glue
Tinder box
Key to the Khare gates 
A bomba fruit (assuming you haven't used it yet) 
And possibly a bag of giant / goblin teeth

 You have Flanker as an ally in Khare (turn to '79')

Khare Cityport of Traps (Sorcery! Book Two) 

You start with:
Broadsword (+1 Attack Strength)
At least 10GP
Bamboo flute
Locket with a picture of a woman inside
Key to Khare gates (12)
Either Ragnar's Armband of Swordmastery (+2 Attack Strength when using sword), or five pebbles, nose plugs and a vial of glue
Tinder box
A bomba fruit (assuming you haven't used it yet)

 … And possibly a bag of giant / goblin teeth

You have Flanker as an ally in Khare (turn to ’79’)


  • NB  – Start by turning to 79 and see what aid Flanker can give you
  • Arrive at Khare gates – use the key the Svinn chief gave you NB – It vanishes after use (-Key)

  • Go inside the building 

  • Talk to the old man – get information about the spell lines NB – This is where you find out about your sub-quest which occupies most of this book 

  • Cast DOP (-2ST) and leave the jail 

  • Go left 

  • Apologise and leave the black elves

  • Go straight on 

  • Visit the general store. You should have a healthy amount of gold so: 

  • Buy vial of dust (-3GPs) 

  • Buy leather gauntlets (-5GPs)

  • Buy honeycomb and beeswax (-2GPs – NB enough for the rest of your quest) 

  • Vial of dust is really sand 

  • Leather gauntlet is Gauntlet of Weaponry (re-roll one AS dice if ST is less than 5) 

  • Leave area and go straight ahead

  • Arrive at ‘statue’ – enter hut behind it 

  • Get 15GPs and bracelet of bone 

  • Leave hut 

  • Cast LAW (-2ST)

  • Command MANTIS MAN to hand over locket 

  • Take locket (worth 8GP) and add 1LK  – impossible if your LK is already at initial level 

  • Take sun jewel 

  • Go right

  • Go straight on 

  • Arrive at festival -you recognise Flanker there (111)

  • Flanker will send you to the house of Lortag the scholar 

  • Meet Lortag – agree to hand over your weapon 

  • The correct rune is the with a single symbol on it (they represent the marks of a dice)

  • Get first spell line – ‘So tumblers two sealed deep inside.’ 

  • Take green-haired wig 

  • Restore LK to initial level NB Although you won’t have needed to test it yet

  • Stop and look at the items 

  • Look at firemaker’s wares

  • Go inside tent 

  • Cast MAG (-2ST)

  • Take 10GP’s 

  • Take gold-backed mirror 

  • Leave 

  • Go right 

  • Go straight on 

  • You’re back at the festival. Leave this time. NB This festival junction is useful if you do replays of the book as it allows you to back-track 

  • Arrive at Cabinet of Fortune – pay the price (-2GP). NB – Here, you want to end up with a ‘three’ which is a lucky talisman. If your luck is a decent score (say, 9 or more), test your luck and choose the talisman. This solution assumes you get it. 

  • Take Lucky Talisman (-1 on all test luck rolls) 

  • Turn left

  • Turn right

  • Investigate chapel

  • Meet the priest and agree to take the Test of Slang 

  • The answer to the riddle is ’48’ (sum of the odd numbers from three to 13) 

  • Get second spell line – ‘I bid you portals open wide.’ 

  • Restore LK to initial level 

  • Arrive at the inn – you recognise Flanker (222)

  • Take 5GPs

  • Pay to stay the night (-4GPs) eat provisions (+2ST)

  • Talk to the sailor and get information about the Third Noble of Khare (+1GP) 

  • Don’t buy him a drink in return – go to bed (it pays to be a cheapskate

  • Wake up to find psycho inkeeper has hooked you up to a guillotine – release the rope 

  • Add 1LK for surviving (sadly tracking down the innkeeper and making him into a stew is not given as an option

  • You ate yesterday

  • Go left 

  • Avoid the Red Eyes – flee down a side street

  • Go right, right, left (second option given) 

  • Enter the hut

  • Meet the gnome – yes you are interested in bartering

  • Cast DUD (-2ST)

  • Take large backpack 

  • Take lucky talisman (ignore LK loss if you fail a LK test)

  • Leave

  • Visit Gambling Halls of Vlada – can gamble here if you want. If you do, there’s a pretty good chance of making  profit at the dice tables

  • Inspect the market – buy food here if you wish for three meals (-9GP) or whatever you can afford. NB Don’t bother buying the silver-tipped bow and arrows there’s an easier way to beat the Deathwraith you’ll soon be facing unless your SK is 10 or better and your luck is really low 

  • Find the crypt

  • Cast SUS (-2ST) and enter safely 

  • Go down the stairs 

  • Encounter Deathwraith 

  • You are armed with a sword 

  • Fight DEATHWRAITH (SK9, ST8) NB – This is one of just two mandatory fights in the book and it’s quite a tough one as you cannot use magic to help you. Your sword will do no ST damage to your opponent and you must hit it twice. When you have, test your LK and then pray to Libra who will banish it. Since you have two lucky talismans on your side plus a +3AS and the gauntlets if your ST falls below 5 you should be okay. Just make sure your ST is as close to initial as possible before you reach this stage of the quest and that your LK is looking robust, too. 

  • Rest and use provisions if you wish 

  • Get third spell line – ‘One lock made out of golem’s hide.’ The spirit will also give you the following useful advice – ‘For sleeping of the Sleepless Ram / Seek out the one they call the Sham.’ 

  • Don’t bother with the wishing well – it’s literally a drain on your money (what a comedy genius I am, eh?) 

  • Give the beggar money (-1GP)

  • Help him fight the harpies 

  • Use magic NB If your LK is 9 or better, cast ‘DIM’ which will take out one of the harpies. This will require a successful LK roll (if successful, -1LK)  If not, cast ‘WOK’ which will reduce your opponents attack strength by -2 during the fight 

  • Fight HARPY (SK7, ST6) and HARPY (SK6 ST6) NB – This is the other mandatory fight. The key thing here is not to let the beggar die, so assuming he will lose all his rounds, you need to kill your first opponent in three rounds) He fights with SK2 ST8 so he may possibly land a hit on the harpy he’s fighting but don’t bet on it. 

  • The beggar is still alive (if he isn’t give up now you can’t win) 

  • Take Serpent’s Ring (130) 

  • Get part of the fourth spell line – ‘By Courga’s grace and (someone’s) pride’  NB – So you now need the name of the God of Pride. Note that the test starts with the left eye 

  • Carry on

  • Go into the temple 

  • Investigate the idol 

  • Yes, you want to take the test

  • Kiss the left eye

  • Kiss the right eye

  • Kiss the forehead

  • Kiss the lips

  • You can ask the god a question

  • Ask it the name of the god of pride 

  • Learn the name if ‘Fourga’

  • You now have the complete fourth spell line – ‘By Courga’s grace and Fourga’s Pride.’ 

  • Approach the city gate 

  • Cast RAP (-1ST) 

  • Send the guards away 

  • Recite the spell: 

'So tumblers two sealed deep inside
One lock made out of golem's hide
By Courga's grace and Fourga's pride
I bid you portals open wide.' 
  • The number contained in the spell is therefore 214 

  • The gate swings open.

  • You win! 

You finish with:
Broadsword (+1 Attack Strength)
X Gold pieces (you should be well off enough to afford whatever you want from this point) 
X Provisions 
Large backpack
Bamboo flute
Beeswax (infinite) 
Bracelet of bone 
Sun jewel 
Gold-backed mirror
Green-haired wig 
Locket with a picture of a woman inside
Lucky talisman (-1 when testing LK)Lucky talisman (do not reduce LK when you fail LK roll) 
A bomba fruit (assuming you haven't used it yet)
Either Ragnar's Armband of Swordmastery (+2 Attack Strength when using sword), or five pebbles, nose plugs and a vial of glue
 Possibly a bag of giant / goblin teeth
 Possibly a locket (worth 8GP) - if you haven't spent it yet 

 You have the Serpent's Ring (130) 


The Seven Serpents (Sorcery! Book Three)


  • Before starting note you have the Serpent Ring – find out about its powers at (130) NB – I will list all of the clues of the seven serpents in the ‘notes’ section below 

  • Encounter DEATHHAWKS 

  • Cast LAW (-4ST) 

  • A gold eagle arrives to scare them off and brings you news of the Seven Serpents and tells you to seek out Shadrack the hermit 

  • Don’t eat here – you will soon restore your ST 

  • Encounter face – follow its directions 

  • Meet Shadrack – learn Air Serpent weakness and rest (+3ST)

  • Take galehorn

  • Go north 

  • Test LK (if you fail, lose ‘most delicate’ item) 

  • Encounter BADDU BEETLE 

  • Cast SUN (-2ST)

  • Take stone dust 

  • Go north-east 

  • Approach the DEATHWRAITH as it wishes 

  • Cast MAG (-2ST)

  • The ‘deathwraith’ becomes balding man 

  • Fight BALDING MAN (SK6, ST9)

  • Spare his life 

  • Get Chakram (Test SK before fight and -2ST to opponent if successful)

  • Get yellow powder 

  • Encounter MOON SERPENT NB – Use Serpent Ring to learn a clue 

  • Cast HOT (-4ST)

  • You have defeated the Moon Serpent. Get orb of crystal 

  • Head north-west

  • Arrive at Black Elf camp – raise your arms to show you mean no harm 

  • Tell them you’re hungry and visit the kitchen 

  • Buy a meal (-6GP)

  • Roll 1D6 – if you roll a six, get 1GP for ‘inconvenience’ (the food disagrees with you) 

  • Restore LK to initial score 

  • Eat a meal (+2ST)

  • Amuse them by telling them jokes 

  • NB all items in the store are now half-price and you can have the first one for free! 

  • Take the chainmail armour (+1SK plus roll 1D6 in combat if you roll 5-6 damage is reduced to -1ST) 

  • Buy whatever else you want. There’s various spell objects up for grabs. Don’t bother with the holy water (it’s fake) or the snake bite antidote. 

  • Ask for shelter for the night 

  • Rest (-3GP) and (+3ST)

  • Go north-east

  • Meet a curious little creature – approach it 

  • Treat it as a ‘friend’ 

  • Offer it a spell item NB – (ideally you want to roll 5-6 here, so keep offering items until you get the score. Personally, I’d keep offering pebbles) 

  • The creature is revealed to be The Sham

  • Take Serpent Staff (staff of oak sapling) – you can -2SK when fighting a serpent plus (+2LK)

  • Eat here (+2ST)

  • Go north

  • Cast WOK (-1ST and -1GP)

  • Ignore ST damage from the rock fall 

  • Cast MUD (-1ST)

  • Get rid of the snake

  • The snake becomes the EARTH SERPENT – NB – Use Serpent Ring to learn a clue 

  • Cast HUF (-1ST)

  • You have defeated the Earth Serpent

  • Enter Forest of Snatta

  • Don’t stop here

  • Stop and rest (+2ST)

  • Go left 

  • You don’t have to leave anything behind as you have a large backpack from the previous book 

  • Take stone dust

  • Take sand

  • Take 5 pebbles

  • Take 2 provisions 

  • Leave the path and follow the red snake  – betcha can’t guess what it is can ya?

  • Approach the tree cautiously 

  • Encounter the FIRE SERPENT – NB – Use Serpent Ring to learn a clue 

  • Roll 1D6 (1-4 is 1-4ST damage 5-6 is -3ST and -1SK)

  • Use an item

  • Throw sand

  • Fight SNAKE (SK5, ST6)

  • You have defeated the Fire Serpent 

  • Go right

  • Investigate the noise (-2ST)

  • Leave 

  • Follow left path

  • Arrive at house 

  • Go in 

  • Politely announce yourself

  • Meet Fenestra the sorceress 

  • Ask her if she has any spell items. NB Fenestra has all the spell items needed – for each you wish to take trade two to get one in return. The book gives no clear indication as to what exactly counts as an ‘object’ for the purposes of trading. Is stone dust one item? How about sand? Since your beeswax is assumed to be infinite, could you redeem that for all the spell items? How about gold pieces? The best advice I can give is to use common sense. I regard each goblin tooth, giant tooth, pebble etc as one item. So you could trade six pebbles for three spell items. You may well have duplicate items (two crystal orbs for example) which you should be keen to get rid of. There’s also spell items you won’t use again such as the bamboo flute and the galehorn, so feel free to trade them in if you are running a bit low. From this point on, this solution assumes you potentially have any spell item you need. You will soon pick up a load in the next book and most of them you won’t use from this point on, so don’t worry too much about it. 

  • Encounter SUN SERPENT (captured) –  NB – Use Serpent Ring to learn a clue 

  • NOTE – The Sun Serpent is trapped 

  • Learn Water Serpent weakness and take flask of oil 

  • Ask for advice on crossing Lake Ilklala 

  • Take whistle 

  • Take lucky charm (restore LK to initial level when used)

  • NB – Turn to 199 to to use whistle 

  • Take the centre path

  • Don’t eat 

  • Arrive at the lake shore – use the whistle and summon the ferryman 

  • Pay the toll (-4GP)

  • Don’t put up with his abuse NB – Seriously it’s his job to row you across! Cheeky so and so. 

  • The ferryman becomes the AIR SERPENT NB – Use Serpent Ring to learn a clue 

  • Investigate the body of the ferryman 

  • Find snakeskin

  • Rip it up 

  • You have defeated the Air Serpent 

  • Investigate the bubbling

  • Test LK (if you fail, you die). NB – This is the harshest roll in the book and probably in the whole series especially if your initial luck score is low. However – you have the lucky talisman from Book Two plus Fenestra’s charm to restore your LK to initial level if you need to. This solution assumes you pass this roll 

  • Encounter WATER SERPENT NB – Use Serpent Ring to learn a clue 

  • Throw the flask of oil at it 

  • You have defeated the Water Serpent 

  • Enter the swamp

  • Eat provisions here (+2ST)

  • Stay where you are 

  • Meet swamp goblins

  • Cast RAP (-1ST)

  • Get the magic parchment NB – ‘LIX’ at the top is ’59’ in Roman numerals

  • Encounter SERPENT OF TIME

  • Turn to Paragraph 59 

  • Fight Serpent of Time (SK3, ST14) NB – Assuming you are using the Serpent Staff you can reduce it to SK1 – enjoy the easiest fight of the series! 

  • You have defeated the Serpent of Time

  • You have defeated all seven serpents NB – This part of the book  has always struck me as a bit daft. For one thing, the Air, Water and Time encounters are unavoidable so completing the book without having defeated at least three serpents is impossible regardless of which way you go. And to defeat the Serpent of Time you need the parchment from Fenestra – in which case, you will know the Sun Serpent is trapped. But enough nitpicking.  

  • NB – Start next book at paragraph 237

  • +1 to Initial SK and +1 to initial LK

  • You win!

You Finish With NB I will list spell-items as though you still have them even though you may have traded them for others 

Broadsword (+1 Attack Strength)
Chainmail armour (+1SK plus roll 1D6 in combat if you roll 5-6 damage is reduced to -1ST)
X Gold pieces 
X Provisions 
Large backpack
Bamboo flute
Beeswax (infinite) 
Bracelet of bone 
Sun jewel 
Gold-backed mirror
Green-haired wig 
Locket with a picture of a woman inside
Either Ragnar’s Armband of Swordmastery (+2 Attack Strength when using sword), or five pebbles, nose plugs and a vial of glue
Tinder box
Lucky talisman (-1 when testing LK)Lucky talisman (do not reduce LK when you fail LK roll) 
Vial of liquid 
Stone Dust 
Yellow powder
Orb of crystal 
A bomba fruit (assuming you haven’t used it yet) 

Possibly a bag of giant / goblin teeth
Possibly a locket (worth 8GP) - if you haven't spent it yet 
possibly any of the other spell artefacts other than those mentioned 
Possibly a staff of oak sapling 


Here are the clues obtainable from the Seven Serpents (in order of encounter)

  • Moon Serpent – Four guards guard the entrance to the Mampang Fortress 

  • Earth Serpent – Offer no gold to Valigyna 

  • Fire Serpent – Do not eat from the larder of Throg 

  • Sun Serpent – Beware the breath of the mucalytics 

  • Air Serpent – Pay your respects to Naggamenteh the torture master 

  • Water Serpent – Do not light your way with the blood candle 

  • Serpent of Time – The Archmage may be disguised in Mampang 

The Crown of Kings (Sorcery! Book Four)

You start with: NB – Once again I will list all the spell items as though you had still got them 

Broadsword (+1 Attack Strength)
Chainmail armour (+1SK plus roll 1D6 in combat if you roll 5-6 damage is reduced to -1ST)

X Gold pieces 
X Provisions 
Large backpack

Bamboo flute
Beeswax (infinite) 
Bracelet of bone 
Sun jewel 
Gold-backed mirror
Green-haired wig 
Locket with a picture of a woman inside
Either Ragnar’s Armband of Swordmastery (+2 Attack Strength when using sword), or five pebbles, nose plugs and a vial of glue
Tinder box
Lucky talisman (-1 when testing LK) Lucky talisman (do not reduce LK when you fail LK roll) 
Vial of liquid 
Stone Dust 
Yellow powder
Orb of crystal 
A bomba fruit (assuming you haven’t used it yet) 

Possibly a bag of giant / goblin teeth
Possibly a locket (worth 8GP) – if you haven’t spent it yet 
possibly any of the other spell artefacts other than those mentioned 
Possibly a staff of oak sapling 


  • NB – If you defeated all seven serpents you have the option of remaining incognito if someone recognises you as ‘The Analander’. I don’t bother with this since there’s precious few encounters you have where you are thus addressed and only one proper fight in the entire book. I’ve included this anyway in the name of thoroughness. 
  • Investigate the smallest cave 
  • Go in with your sword drawn 

  • Encounter JIB JIB 

  • Investigate the back of the cave

  • Find bottle – pull out the stopper

  • Take the parchment (subtract 20 from reference if you wish to ask someone about it

  • Eat and rest here (+2ST)

  • Take stone dust and three pebbles (not that you’ll need them)

  • Go right

  • Encounter SHE-SATYRS. Nope you’ve never seen these creatures before

  • Insult them

  • Go with them to the village

  • Meet the village elder and ask her about the parchment you found in the cave

  • She will give you useful information including information about Colletus the holy man (deduct 30 from the reference when you find his location), plus a hardwood spear. NB – You don’t need to exchange items for the various spell artefacts you’ll be getting in a minute. Woo-hoo!

  • Yes, you are playing as a wizard

  • Take a potion of firewater, sun jewel, pearl ring, pair of nose plugs, brass pendulum, orb of crystal and orange powder (NB – shouldn’t it be yellow powder? Proof-reading, Steve? Tut-tut. Also most of these objects will prove useless in the quest ahead other than the pendulum)

  • Rest and take provisions

  • Find the note telling you where Colletus is (the Groaning Bridge)

  • Try crossing the bridge

  • Summon Colletus

  • Tell him you want his help as a holy man

  • Get him to bless your hardwood spear

  • Take medicinal potion, cloth skullcap and holy water

  • +1 to initial LK and restore to that level

  • Note -1SK until you enter the fortress (NB – this doesn’t matter since you won’t be fighting until you get inside anyway)

  • Run through the pass

  • Don’t bother killing the guards they are drunk and will stay asleep

  • Eat here if you wish (-1Prov +1ST)

  • You are still faithful to Libra

  • Libra cannot help you inside the Fortress but learn about a secret door (-92 when you get to the relevant part of the book)

  • No, you didn’t spend the night in the cave with the hoofprints outside

  • Rest (+2ST)

  • Knock on the door (NB Remember the clue from the previous book – there are four guards which guard the main gate, so wait until four of them come out before you drop down and nip inside)

  • You are now inside the fortress. Take the door on the right.

  • Listen at the doorway

  • Smash the door open into whoever is coming

  • NB – For the next fight -3K to first enemy and you will score a hit even if your AS is equal to your opponent

  • Cast RAZ (and do double damage during fight)

  • Fight GUARD (SK8, ST6) and GUARD (SK7, ST7) NB This is the only time you’ll need your sword in the book and with all the benefits you have, this should be pretty easy to win

  • Search room and take large key

  • Enter the next part of the fortress

  • Head for the pillory and avoid both groups

  • Ignore the wretch (you can insult him if you’re feeling mean)

  • Walk towards the ‘ragged shape’ on the ground

  • Throw Javinne the beggar a gold piece (-1GP)

  • Talk to her

  • Ask her about the ‘mongrels’

  • Offer to rid her of her tormentors (the SIGHTMASTERS) (NB – Deduct 100 from the paragraph if you kill them all – which you will do, very soon)

  • Approach the group which looks familiar

  • Encounter SIGHTMASTERS – attack them

  • You have a blessed hardwood spear and you slaughter all three

  • Search them and take 20 GPs, sand, glue, three provisions and a ring of green metal. (NB – Again, most of this stuff you’ll never use)

  • Go back to Javinne and tell her you’ve killed her tormentors. +1initial LK and restore LK to initial value. NB – She will tell you useful information about the Samaritans of Schinn.

  • Take holy water

  • Walk over to the corner

  • Go left

  • Enter the MUCALYTIC room – ignore it and rush for the doors

  • Cast NIF (-1ST) – you have nose plugs

  • That kills it. Take bracelet of bone, two goblin teeth and 5GPs

  • Go through the opposite door to the one by which you entered

  • Go into the empty room to rest

  • Eat here (+2ST -1Prov)

  • Yes you have met someone named Shadrack

  • Learn some information

  • Go left and enter the door with the message above it

  • Encounter fat man in a turban (Widow Twanky?)

  • Ask him his name

  • Learn his name is VALIGYNA

  • Don’t offer him gold (remember the clue in the previous book)

  • Keep refusing

  • Cast NAP (-1ST)

  • That puts him to sleep. Search the room and gain 10GPS (+2LK) and the password to the next Throben Doors which is ‘Alaralantanalara’

  • You have a blessed hardwood spear which insta-kills all the guards you now meet plus the horrid little gnome (-4ST)

  • Open the doors with a password

  • ‘Alaralantanalara’

  • It opens and you enter the next bit of the fortress

  • Go left and meet birdmen

  • Ask them about their families

  • Continue the conversation (NB – They talk of their mothers so you know they are on your side from Javinne’s earlier clue)

  • Tell them you are from Analand

  • Admit your interest in the Crown of Kings

  • Make contact with the Samaritans of Schinn

  • Get silver whistle (+2LK)

  • Go to the door on the left

  • You don’t have a silver key (NB I have no idea where you find this, to be honest)

  • Test your LK (Either -1ST or -3ST depending on result)

  • Arrive in the torture chamber of NAGGAMENTEH

  • Offer him a rich reward if he will help you (-10GP)

  • Compliment him on his ‘fine torture chamber’ and ask him for the way through the Throben Doors ahead (NB – remember the clue from the previous book which advised you to do this)

  • Learn the secret of the Throben Doors (Turn to 399 when you get to the illustory fire)

  • Leave and go left

  • Buy an ordinary candle from the merchant (-2GP) – NB Not the blood candle you were warned against in the previous book

  • Leave and try the smaller door (NB – At the weapon-sharpening machine you may test your luck if you wish (-1LK). If successful +1 to AS – it’s up to you if you want to do this)

  • Investigate the double doors

  • Take the staff of oak sapling

  • Use the clue and pass safely through the flames

  • Arrive at the Chamber of Night

  • Use the ordinary candle to light your way

  • Take the first option you are given every time and you will make it through the chamber safely

  • You get captured by guards at this point.

  • Face CAPTAIN KHARTOUM and find out what he has to say (NB – The illustration on page 375 has a picture matching the locket you found in Book One)

  • Offer the love-struck captain the locket with the picture of the woman’s face in it from your backpack (-golden locket)

  • Take key (17) – NB Deduct this from the reference to open it

  • Arrive in the room of the SLEEPLESS RAM (although it is not named as such).

  • Cast MUD (-1ST) – this will slow it down

  • Use an item against the creature

  • The vial of liquid (from Book Three)

  • The Sham gave it you (a woman)

  • Throw the vial of liquid at the ram Use the key, open the door and escape (-17) while the ram is kept busy (NB – Is there another way to beat the ram? I can’t find it in which case, it’s impossible to complete this book unless you have played the previous one – hmph)

  • Calm the man down

  • Talk to FARREN WHYDE (awesome name, huh?)

  • Cast DOC (-1ST) and restore your ST to initial level (NB this is very important for reasons which will become apparent later)

  • Turn left and investigate the stone wall

  • Here is where you need to use Libra’s clue (-92 from paragraph)

  • To enter the secret door you must test your skill. NB – If you fail this roll it’s -1SK and you must roll lower than your SK to pass. When you are successful, take -1ST damage. This is the harshest bit in the book especially if you are playing with a low-SK character. If you defeated all Seven Serpents in the previous book you have a +2SK bonus but even so this only takes you up to SK7 if you rolled a SK5 character.

  • Enter the door on the right

  • Look around

  • Take black facemask (NB Yet another spell artefact you won’t need)

  • Meet the ARCHMAGE (or is it?) NB – It doesn’t really matter what you do here as you’ll get captured regardless. I normally take the crown, refuse to leave sword behind and then fight him. If you lose your sword it’s -3SK but don’t worry you won’t be needing it.

  • Meet Jann the Minimite in the prison tower. (Yay! It’s our old pal Jann – aintcha happy to see the little guy again?)

  • Tell him about FARREN WHYDE

  • Learn the archmage’s secret (-111 from reference when you next meet Whyde)

  • Ask Jann his opinion

  • You need ST8 or greater or here (hence the earlier casting of the DOC spell) but really you need ST12 or better

  • Learn the secret of the ZED spell (turn to 631 when cast)

  • Cast ZED (-7ST). Jann is killed (Let’s have a moment of introspective silence, shall we?)

  • Meet FARREN WHYDE – again

  • Unmask him (-111)

  • He turns into a NETHERWORLD DEMON (SK7, ST8) (NB No, I have no idea what’s going on either)

  • Cast ZAP or HOT (-4ST)

  • The NETHERWORLD DEMON is destroyed

  • Take Crown of Kings (yay!)

  • Look in your pack

  • Use silver whistle (NB If you wish, you can cast ‘RES’ and save Farren Whyde – presumably the real one this time, but frankly, who knows?)

  • The Samaritans of Schinn turn up and rescue you. You take the Crown of Kings back to Analand.

  • You win! 

SK – Skill
ST – Stamina
LK – Luck
GP – Gold Pieces
Prov – Provisions 
1D6 – One standard six-sided dice
2DB – Two standard six-sided dice


Spell Stats (List of How Often They Were Used and When)
ZAP – Possibly once (BK4)
HOT – Twice, possibly three times (BK1, BK3, BK4)
FOF – Never 
WAL – Once (BK1)
LAW – Twice (BK2, BK3)
DUM – Never 
BIG  – Never 
WOK – Twice (BK1, BK3)
DOP – Twice (BK1, BK2)
RAZ – Once (Bk4) 
SUS – Once (BK2)
SIX  – Never 
JIG – Twice (BK1)
GOB  – Never 
YOB  – Never 
GUM  – Never 
HOW – Never 
DOC – Once (BK4)
DOZ – Once (BK4)
DUD – Once (BK2)
MAG – Twice (BK2, BK3)
POP  – Never 
FAL  – Never 
DIM – Once (BK2)
FOG  – Never 
MUD – Twice (BK3, BK4)
NIF – Once (BK4)
TEL  – Never 
GAK  – Never 
SAP  – Never 
GOD  – Never 
KIN  – Never 
PEP  – Never 
ROK  – Never 
NIP  – Never 
HUF – Once (BK3)
FIX  – Never 
NAP – Once (BK4)
ZEN  – Never 
YAZ  – Never 
SUN – Once (BK3)
KID – Never 
RAP – Twice (BK2, BK3)
YAP  – Never 
ZIP  – Never 
FAR – Never 
RES  – Possibly once (BK4)
ZED – Once (BK4) 

Unavoidable Fights*
Shamutanti Hills – One (Flanker) 
Khare Cityport of Traps – Two (Deathwraith, Harpies)
The Seven Serpents – Two (Fire Serpent, Serpent of Time) 
The Crown of Kings – One (Two Guards) 

  • Unavoidable in that, you will meet them whatever you do and cannot use magic to insta-kill them 

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