The Smiths – Playlist

I own all the Smiths albums and have been a fan since I was in my late teens. They are not my favourite band but I like them a lot and their relatively small discography makes them an ideal choice for compiling a great playlist. Here’s my choices – I hope you enjoy. 

The Smiths Playlist

  1. You’ve Got Everything Now

  2. Pretty Girls Make Graves

  3. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

  4. Suffer the Little Children

  5. William It Was Really Nothing

  6. What Difference Does it Make?

  7. This Charming Man

  8. Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

  9. Handsome Devil

  10. How Soon is Now?

  11. Back to the Old House

  12. Girl Afraid

  13. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I want

  14. The Headmaster Ritual

  15. Rusholme Ruffians

  16. Nowhere Fast

  17. Frankly Mr Shankly

  18. Cemetery Gates

  19. Bigmouth Strikes Again

  20. Vicar in a Tutu

  21. The Boy With the Thorn in His Side

  22. There is a Light That Never Goes Out

  23. Some Girls are Bigger than Others

  24. Is It Really So Strange?

  25. Sheila Take a Bow

  26. Shoplifters of the World Unite

  27. Sweet and Tender Hooligan

  28. Panic

  29. Unlovable

  30. A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours

  31. Girlfriend in a Coma

  32. Last Night I Dreamed Somebody Loved Me

  33. Paint a Vulgar Picture

  34. I Won’t Share You

  35. I Keep Mine Hidden (b-side)


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