Poem – What?

The following is not aimed at anyone likely to be reading this blog. I would like to add this as a friendly disclaimer 🙂 

What do you want me to say? 

What do you want me to do? 

What do you want from me? 

What can I say which will ever convince you? 

Satisfy you? 

Make you go away? 

To you, I am ‘random.’

This is a euphemism for ‘weird.’ 

You don’t like me. 

I don’t like you. 

Yet you demand my obedience, my respect. 

The former is enforceable by economics. 

The latter is not. 

On some level, you know this to be true. 

You have my body but not my mind.

And certainly not my soul. 

And the body you have is only yours for eight hours a day. 

Beyond that, it is as far away from you as a moment of clarity is for a drunkard. 

You will never have my respect so long as you are as you are. 

On some level you know this already. 

And it burns your mind 

But it is your mind and not mine. 

I owe you nothing beyond basic civility. 

It is not my road to travel. 










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