Best / Worst / Over / Under

Everyone’s got an opinion haven’t they? 🙂 


Best – Back in Black

Worst – Fly on the Wall or Ballbreaker

Overrated – If You Want Blood You Got It (Live)

Underrated – Flick of the Switch


Best – Toys in the Attic

Worst – Night in the Ruts

Overrated – Rocks

Underrated – Aerosmith

Tori Amos

Best – Little Earthquakes

Worst – No idea 

Overrated – Boys for Pele 

Underrated – Midwinter Graces 

The Beach Boys

Best – Pet Sounds

Worst – Summer in Paradise

Overrated – The Beach Boys Today

Underrated – Wild Honey

The Beatles

Best – Abbey Road

Worst – With the Beatles

Overrated – Revolver

Underrated – Magical Mystery Tour

Black Sabbath

Best – Black Sabbath

Worst – Seventh Star

Overrated – Sabotage

Underrated – Heaven and Hell (by some fans anyway)


Best – Parallel Lines

Worst – The Hunter

Overrated – No Exit

Underrated – Plastic Letters 


Best – Modern Life is Rubbish

Worst – Think Tank

Overrated – Parklife

Underrated – 13

David Bowie

Best – Low 

Worst – Tonight 

Overrated – Scary Monsters 

Underrated – The Labyrinth soundtrack 

Kate Bush

Best – The Dreaming 

Worst – The Red Shoes 

Overrated – Hounds of Love 

Underrated – Never Forever 

Eric Clapton

Best – Layla (as Derek and the Dominos)

Worst – Pilgrim

Overrated – Slowhand

Underrated – Eric Clapton (first solo album)

The Clash

Best – The Clash (US version)

Worst – This is England

Overrated – London Calling

Underrated – N/A

Deep Purple

Best – In Rock

Worst – Something from the 1990s I imagine

Overrated – Machine Head

Underrated – N/A

Dire Straits

Best – Love Over Gold

Worst – On Every Street

Overrated – Dire Straits / Money for Nothing

Underrated – Love Over Gold

The Doors

Best – LA Woman

Worst – The Soft Parade (or any post-Jim album) 

Overrated – Strange Days 

Underrated – N/A

Bob Dylan

Best – Blood on the Tracks

Worst – Saved

Overrated – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

Underrated – Street Legal / Bob Dylan (debut)

Faith No More

Best – The Real Thing

Worst – Faith No More (debut)

Overrated – Angel Dust 

Underrated – Introduce Yourself 

The Fall

Best – Live at the Witch Trials

Worst – Erm… 

Overrated – This Nation’s Saving Grace

Underrated – Live at the Witch Trials


Best – Selling England By the Pound

Worst – Calling All Stations

Overrated – The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Underrated – N/A

Guns n’Roses

Best – Appetite for Destruction 

Worst – Chinese Democracy 

Overrated – N/A 

Underrated – Lies 

JImi Hendrix

Best – Are You Experienced

Worst – Band of Gypsys (or any of the cruddy knock-off posthumous sets released in the 70s) 

Overrated – Axis Bold as Love

Underrated – N/A 

Iron Maiden

Best – Iron Maiden 

Worst – X Factor

Overrated – Live After Death 

Underrated – Somewhere in Time / Iron Maiden 

Led Zeppelin

Best – Physical Graffiti

Worst – Coda

Overrated – Led Zeppelin II

Underrated – Led Zeppelin III


Best – Ray of Light (or the Immaculate Collection) 

Worst – American Pie 

Overrated – Like a Prayer

Underrated – Ray of Light 


Best – Rust in Peace

Worst – Risk

Overrated – N/A

Underrated – So Far…So Good…So What?


Best – Ride the Lightning

Worst – St Anger or Lulu (take your pick)

Overrated – Metallica (black album)

Underrated – N/A

Joni Mitchell

Best – The Hissing of Summer Lawns

Worst – Mingus

Overrated – Blue

Underrated – Dog Eat Dog 


Best – MTV Unplugged / Bleach

Worst – N/A

Overrated – Nevermind

Underrated – Bleach

Pearl Jam

Best – Ten

Worst – Riot Act

Overrated – Yield

Underrated – Binaural

Pink Floyd

Best – Dark Side of the Moon

Worst – More / Obscured by Clouds

Overrated – Wish You were Here

Underrated – Atom Heart Mother

The Pixies 

Best – Surfer Rosa 

Worst – N/A 

Overrated – Doolittle 

Underrated – Trompe le Monde 



Best – Sign O’The Times

Worst – No idea

Overrated – 1999

Underrated – No idea 



Best – Night at the Opera

Worst – Hot Space

Overrated – The Works

Underrated – Queen II


Best – OK Computer

Worst – King of Limbs

Overrated – Kid A

Underrated – Pablo Honey

The Ramones

Best – It’s Alive (Live)

Worst – We’re Outta Here (Live)

Overrated – The Ramones

Underrated – Leave Home


Best – Reckoning

Worst – Around the Sun

Overrated – N/A

Underrated – New Adventures in Hi-Fi or Up

The Rolling Stones

Best – Exile on Main Street

Worst – Dirty Work

Overrated – Aftermath

Underrated – Goat’s Head Soup

Simon and Garfunkel 

Best – Bookends 

Worst – N/A 

Overrated – Bridge Over Troubled Water 

Underrated – None 


Best – Reign in Blood 

Worst – God Hates us All 

Overrated – Hell Awaits

Underrated – Diabolus in Musica 

Sly and the Family Stone

Best – Stand! 

Worst – Any of Sly’s post-1973 albums 

Overrated – There’s a Riot Goin’ On 

Underrated – N/A 

Patti Smith

Best – Wave 

Worst – no idea 

Overrated – Easter 

Underrated – Wave 

The Smiths

Best – The Queen is Dead 

Worst – Meat is Murder 

Overrated – Hatful of Hollow 

Underrated – Strangeways Here we Come 

Talking Heads

Best – Fear of Music

Worst – Naked

Overrated – The Name of This Band is Talking Heads (Live)

Underrated – Stop Making Sense (Live) 


Best – The Joshua Tree

Worst – October

Overrated – The Unforgettable Fire

Underrated – Pop

The Velvet Underground

Best – The Velvet Underground and Nico

Worst – Any post-Lou album

Overrated – White Light / White Heat

Underrated – N/A

Tom Waits

Best – Rain Dogs

Worst – Heart Attack and Vine

Overrated – Swordfishtrombones

Underrated – The Black Rider

The Who

Best – Who’s Next

Worst – It’s Hard

Overrated – The Who Sell Out

Underrated – Who By Numbers

Stevie Wonder

Best – Songs in the Key of Life

Worst – Any post-1980 album

Overrated – Talking Book

Underrated – Fulfillingness First Finale


Best – Relayer 

Worst – Meh, no idea 

Overrated – Close to the Edge 

Underrated – Relayer 

Neil Young

Best – Tonight’s the Night

Worst – Trans

Overrated – Freedom

Underrated – Harvest Moon 


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