Ricken’s Law

Since everyone needs a dubious scientific law named after them, here’s my attempt at formulating one. Enjoy.  Ricken’s Law: “The degree to which a piece of correspondence is of importance is indirectly proportional to the degree to which it is said to be ‘urgent’ by its sender.” Or if you prefer: “The importance of an … More Ricken’s Law


“Death is the state of all non-beings whose number outweighs the souls of the living, Just as the sands of the world outnumber those contained in a single hourglass” (Anon)  We are condemned to life We are not condemned to death For death is non-existence Which is our true and natural state And therefore when … More Nothing

You Carry On

That’s okay You carry on ignoring me  I’m not your sort  You should be happy, You got lucky, Born with everything you needed While I got all the lack  When you clomp around the office Your feet in nylons,  A toe poking through the end,  Be happy you are not me,  You’re a swell gal,  … More You Carry On

Ten Great Literary Misanthropes

Great writers have produced many great characters including some of these hard-to-love folks. So, let’s take a look at some of literature’s finest people-haters.  Barquentine (Gormenghast series) – It’s very hard to pick a character from Mervyn Peake’s gloriously demented trilogy, since many of them are people-haters of one sort or another, but Barquentine narrowly … More Ten Great Literary Misanthropes