Don’t You Think?

All of this is a lie, except for the fact it really happened. 

Everyone will be talking about it, don’t you think?”

She snickered nervously, involuntarily. It was what she did when unsure of her own authority, which was all of the time.

Everyone? In the world? No. Seven billion people and counting will emphatically not be talking about a dead heroin user of whom they have never heard and whose life would have been of no interest to them if they had.

Everyone in the country, then? No. Smaller scale but still more the sixty million.

Everyone in the town? Nope. Smaller scale still, but same problem. Population – a couple of thousand. Person from out of town, few connections in area. Would no doubt be seen as an outsider an interloper by the small-minded denizens of the town.

And so we went. We trudged about in bitter cold and sure enough, we found absolutely nothing.

From this, we learn a valuable lesson. There is the world as it is and there is the world as we would have it be and they are not the same.

We would compartmentalise human experience into a saleable object, a small capsule of sense. But the world has other plans. We may shout and we may scream, but reality will not acquiesce to our child-like needs.

‘Don’t you think?’

Yes. That you have no idea what you are talking about. 


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