Three Poems


How Are You?

We forgot to ask

If you were okay,

No we didn’t forget,

We just didn’t bother,

We forgot to see,

If you were going to leave us,

We just didn’t ask,

It never occurred to us,

So we didn’t bother.

We don’t ask robots,

If they’re okay,

We don’t ask machines,

If they need fixing,

Why then, you?

It makes no sense,

Our work continues,

Without relent 


Here’s how to be

A monomaniac

Care for just one thing,

Ensure it is a material thing,

Humankind need not apply,

Care for one and stuff the rest,

Be the best,

Puff out your chest,

Everything else

In life can just go


We are the Dead

We are the dead

That’s what Julia said,

We live on the isle,

The isle of the dead,

That’s what the painter said,

The isle of the dead is ours,

For 40-plus hours a week

And even when we leave its shores

Our dreams it always tries to haunt,

We are never away

And never all there,

For we are the dead


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