Story – Ex Libris

“Enjoy”, Blevins said as he handed him the wine glass. Cole took it out of basic politeness and carried it over to the mahogany desk, sat down and placed the leather briefcase on the floor. His host joined him moments later, a glass in his bony hand. He sat down in the high-backed red leather chair behind the desk, eyeing … More Story – Ex Libris

Analysis – Neil Gaiman’s ‘Men of Good Fortune’ – a labour of love.

“Men of good fortune, often cause empires to fall / While men of poor beginnings, often can’t do anything at all.” – Lou Reed  This is an analysis of the excellent Neil Gaiman story ‘Men of Good Fortune’ which first appeared in the Sandman series (Volume 2 – ‘A Doll’s House.’). It concerns Hob Gadling, … More Analysis – Neil Gaiman’s ‘Men of Good Fortune’ – a labour of love.

Older than…

Credit for this article must go to the excellent TV Tropes website. People often say something is older than the hills or has been around since ‘Adam were a lad’ or similar. But how far can we take this idea? I did a bit of online research and came up with the following. Older than…the World … More Older than…

List – Historical Figures Who Never Married

Self-explanatory Famous men and women in history who never married: Louisa May Alcott – American novelist and abolitionist Hans Christian Anderson – Danish writer Susan B Anthony – American reformer St Thomas Aquinas – Italian philosopher and theologian Jane Austen – British novelist Arthur Balfour – UK Prime Minister Clara Barton – American, founder of … More List – Historical Figures Who Never Married