Poem – Heading for Doom

Don’t bother helping me

Give me money by all means,

But nothing emotional,

For I’m heading for doom,

Don’t bother being supportive, 

Or give me any reason to continue,

Just pour on the sad and gloom,

And remind me I’m bound for doom

The demons I have are all in my head,

They’re just silly, put them to bed, 

And keep you house clean, like a tomb,

While I your offspring head for doom

In your day, people just weren’t sick,

This shilly-shallying tests the wick,

Regret the day I dropped out the womb,

And bemoan my path into the jaws of doom.

If I get too troublesome, 

Slam down the phone,

It’s fine I won’t mind being alone, 

My early death can’t come too soon,

When I complete the path towards my doom, 

And whether my path be fast or slow,

You can say ‘I told you so.’ 



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