Older than…

Credit for this article must go to the excellent TV Tropes website. People often say something is older than the hills or has been around since ‘Adam were a lad’ or similar. But how far can we take this idea? I did a bit of online research and came up with the following.

Older than…the World Wide Web – 1989-90.

Older than…the Internet – Late 1960s

Older than…computers – c. 1948. Computer science began in around the 1930s.

Older than…television – 1928 

Older than…radio – c. 1890s 

Older than…telephones – 1876 (Bell) – although the history of this device is a little more complex.

Older than…steam power – 1698 (invention of the world’s first useful steam engine)

Older than…the printing press – c. 1440 (Gutenberg) – popularised in the UK by Caxton.

Older than…feudalism – c. 476AD (‘start’ of the middle ages during which feudalism flourished) 

Older than…the Greek Alphabet – c. 800BC 

Older than…writing – c. 3,000BC

Older than…(anatomically modern) humans – c. 200,000BC 


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