The Cabinet of Curiosities

A Cabinet of Curiosities

I’ve explained elsewhere how I came to get involved in setting up this blog. But here’s an aspect of it I’ve never really delved into before…

Before they had museums, those who were rich, eccentric or often both, had cabinets of curiosity.

The trend first caught in during the Renaissance and the so-called golden age of European exploration.

Wealthy people would dedicate a room in their house to putting weird and wonderful things on show, often picked up on their travels.

Often these were items of scientific interest including stuffed animals, fossils, shells, birds eggs and the like.

They were often displayed alongside other kinds of things, costumes, religious and cultural artefacts, weaponry, artwork and so on.

In some cases, the only link between the objects was that whoever had assembled the collection had found them interesting and wanted to share them with others.

This blog is, in effect, my own little virtual cabinet of curiosities.

There are many kinds of things in here but whether it’s short stories, poetry, lists, articles, reviews or essays the common link is it’s stuff I find interesting – and I hope, you will too.

In an ideal world, you’d get a virtual room to explore filled with weird-looking cabinets and display cases, each containing objects of interest for you to click on and browse.

Instead, I have created this with the aid of a fairly simple template to display my little collection.

So go on, browse, have some fun. It’s all for you, as they say.


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