Top 10 Fighting Fantasy Villains

I’ve loved Fighting Fantasy books since I was a kid and here’s a selection of its best villains as brought to life by some great fantasy writers. Enjoy. 

  1. Balthus Dire (Citadel of Chaos) – Forget Zagor the warlock, this guy is the ultimate Fighting Fantasy villain. A powerful demi-sorcerer who sets his sights on conquering the peaceful Vale of Willow, Dire is as much a fighter as he is a wizard with plenty of villainous taunts to strike fear into the boldest adventurer’s heart.

  2. Count Reiner Heydrich (Vault of the Vampire, Revenge of the Vampire) – Other than Zagor, the only main villain to get a sequel, the Count is FF’s answer to Dracula, a blood-sucking monster who terrorises nearby villages from his gothic castle filled with all manner of horrors.

  3. Razaak the Undying (Crypt of the Sorcerer) – The hardest FF villain to kill, Razaak’s repulsive appearance is matched only by his endurance. Loaded dice and a whole shopping list of items are needed to put this monstrosity back in the grave.

  4. Zharradan Marr (Creature of Havoc) – Evil wizard par excellence, Marr has the distinction of being a rare FF villain you never get to fight. Instead, he uses his minions to do most of his dirty work while he sits back and cackles evilly.

  5. Lord Kelnor, Earl of Drumer / Franklins the butler (House of Hell) – The best double-act in FF with Lord Kelnor as the Master and loyal Franklins as his faithful servant. Or is it the other way around?

  6. Vladimir Utoshki, the Titanium Cyborg (Appointment with F.E.A.R.) – The only sci-fi villain to make my list, Utoshki is a creation worthy of the best silver-age comics. A seemingly unstoppable cyborg hell-bent on world domination, he ranks with the best super-powered foes.

  7. Lord Carnuss (Trial of Champions) – Perhaps the most loathsome villain in the series, Lord Carnuss sets up a killer arena for slaves, forcing the survivor (you) to battle through Deathtrap Dungeon to win the prize. Why? So he can humiliate his hated brother Baron Sukumvit. A slimy worm if ever there was one.

  8. Myurr (Dead of Night) – One of the most powerful adversaries up to that point, Myurr is one of three Snake Demon princes and is every bit as dangerous, evil and sadistic as you would imagine with his four arms and hissing voice. His kidnap of your parents prompts you to mount a rescue attempt and defeat this diabolical being.

  9. Zagor (Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Return to Firetop Mountain, Legend of Zagor) – The archetypal FF villain who gets an appearance in three books, Zagor is initially a warlock who is then resurrected and later becomes a demon. His best showing was in his second book Return to Firetop Mountain and he has proven himself an enduring foe.

  10. Captain Bloodaxe (Demons of the Deep) – A simple man with a taste for the finer things in life, like looting, plundering and throwing people off the side of his ship so they can drown or be eaten by sharks. A bloodthirsty cut-throat in the best Hollywood tradition, worthy of his own kids’ cartoon at least.


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