You Carry On

That’s okay You carry on ignoring me  I’m not your sort  You should be happy, You got lucky, Born with everything you needed While I got all the lack  When you clomp around the office Your feet in nylons,  A toe poking through the end,  Be happy you are not me,  You’re a swell gal,  … More You Carry On

100 Famous Depressives

Exactly what it says on the tin  100 Famous People Who Experience(d) Depression Douglas Adams (writer) Hans Christian Andersen (writer) Adam Ant (musician) Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin (astronaut) Woody Allen (film director, comedian) Tom Baker (actor) Roseanne Barr (comedienne, TV personality) Ludwig van Beethoven (composer) Charles Baudelaire (poet) Ingmar Bergman (film director) William Blake (painter, poet, … More 100 Famous Depressives


Medication doses can generate these feelings. They call it depersonalisation. It’s just a word. It doesn’t tell you how it feels to experience it.  Raindrops slide down the windows as though the panes are crying. A chimney half a mile away issues a thin plume of smoke while malnourished birds cut through the cold air. … More Untitled


Dear AIMHOUDTMI, That is, Anyone I Might Have Offended Unintentionally Due to Mental Illness (AIMHOUDTMI) In a narrow sense, I address this letter to past work colleagues, but it could apply as easily to anyone I have met who meets the above criteria. I am very sorry if I offended you during our time together, … More Dear AIMHOUDTMI