Older than…

Credit for this article must go to the excellent TV Tropes website. People often say something is older than the hills or has been around since ‘Adam were a lad’ or similar. But how far can we take this idea? I did a bit of online research and came up with the following. Older than…the World … More Older than…

List – Historical Figures Who Never Married

Self-explanatory Famous men and women in history who never married: Louisa May Alcott – American novelist and abolitionist Hans Christian Anderson – Danish writer Susan B Anthony – American reformer St Thomas Aquinas – Italian philosopher and theologian Jane Austen – British novelist Arthur Balfour – UK Prime Minister Clara Barton – American, founder of … More List – Historical Figures Who Never Married

Toxic Shame – An Analysis of Corner Time

I’ve written about another toxic shame experience here  What do Supernanny, the Simpsons and my educational experiences all have in common? The answer is corner time, the dunce’s corner, standing in the corner, or whatever it’s known as in your part of the world. Misbehaving youngsters frequently find themselves sitting on the naughty step or … More Toxic Shame – An Analysis of Corner Time

Toxic Shame

I have bottled some of these feelings up for more than 20 years. Those closest to me and my therapist are aware of them, but no-one else. In the spirit of healing and sharing I have decided to share them with you. I haven’t planned any of this blog post which may be a bit … More Toxic Shame