Myers Briggs Types – Fictional Characters

A post which satisfies two nerdy interests at the same time – Myers Briggs types (MBTI) and making lists about fictional characters.  All are my opinion, blah blah. If you disagree, feel free to let me know. My type (INFP) is symbolically listed last. Enjoy.  ESTJ – ‘The supervisor’ Organised / Group-orientated / Focused / … More Myers Briggs Types – Fictional Characters

Ricken’s Law

Since everyone needs a dubious scientific law named after them, here’s my attempt at formulating one. Enjoy.  Ricken’s Law: “The degree to which a piece of correspondence is of importance is indirectly proportional to the degree to which it is said to be ‘urgent’ by its sender.” Or if you prefer: “The importance of an … More Ricken’s Law