Why I Write

The late, great George Orwell spent an entire essay on this. I plan to do it in just one paragraph.  “I don’t write for money. I certainly don’t write for the glory, for that’s the last thing you’ll generally receive. The things I write I view as tiny sentinels sent out like beams from a lighthouse … More Why I Write

Quotes About Libraries

I have always loved libraries and this blog is a library of sorts (as are all blogs in their fashion). To reflect this, here’s some quotes about libraries from some of the best minds humanity has to offer.  “Prefer knowledge to wealth, for one is transitory, the other perpetual.” (Socrates) “Anybody who has a library and … More Quotes About Libraries

My Favourite Cynics

I have long been described (or should that be accused?) of being a fully-paid up member of the cynic’s club. I see this as a largely positive thing, since I subscribe to the view I’ve seen bandied about elsewhere that a cynic is merely a disgruntled idealist and I guess that sums me up. And, … More My Favourite Cynics