Story – Ex Libris

“Enjoy”, Blevins said as he handed him the wine glass. Cole took it out of basic politeness and carried it over to the mahogany desk, sat down and placed the leather briefcase on the floor. His host joined him moments later, a glass in his bony hand. He sat down in the high-backed red leather chair behind the desk, eyeing … More Story – Ex Libris

I, Prospero

I remember the day we came to the island. There were two of us in those dark times, myself and my daughter. Now there is only I.  They cast us adrift in a rotten bark with barely enough food and water to last the journey. I begged for a few of the books from my … More I, Prospero

Story – In the Head

Two of my favourite authors, Neil Gaiman and JG Ballard have both written stories in this format so I thought I’d have a go. I hope you enjoy it.  Transcript of subject’s response to interview questions follows. Information classified.  Robert Andrew Kenyon  47  18 Cherry Tree Way, Partingtonshire West  Barry and Angela Kenyon Both dead … More Story – In the Head