More Haikus

Am I really  So different to  Other people?   Massive Attack Were right Inertia creeps   I understand information Some of the time And people, virtually never    Fifth wheel, Man in space station, Isolated forever   Gibbering noises Sounds homogenous All is noise   Banality Is the source And sauce of all talk    … More More Haikus

Poem – How It Is

Written while very depressed. Don’t read if easily upset.  I keep failing I keep trailing I keep bailing My life is pointless I’ll soon be dead Thank god for that I said  Don’t bother with a service Its all hypocritical horseshit,  Throw me in the hole Forget me I say  I was never really here … More Poem – How It Is

Dante Reimagined

A rewrite of sorts of Dante’s Inferno.  For some, hell is only temporary. For others – perhaps not! First Quarter Level One – The Mentally Lazy / Indolent The Wilfully Ignorant / Those who refused to think for themselves – Subjected to classes / lectures until they become more intellectually curious Gravy-Train Riders / Time-serving … More Dante Reimagined