In Defence of Vocabulary – Or Why we Should Dig ‘Big’ Words

I begin with a confession – I like big words. Do I hear snickering? Unkind laughter? For shame, good sirs. Verily, I am an unapologetic lover of lexicography, a celebrant at the altar of the arcane engaged in eager exploration of the recondite corners of our mother tongue.  I embrace the sesquipedalian and it, I believe, … More In Defence of Vocabulary – Or Why we Should Dig ‘Big’ Words


“Death is the state of all non-beings whose number outweighs the souls of the living, Just as the sands of the world outnumber those contained in a single hourglass” (Anon)  We are condemned to life We are not condemned to death For death is non-existence Which is our true and natural state And therefore when … More Nothing

Ten Great Literary Misanthropes

Great writers have produced many great characters including some of these hard-to-love folks. So, let’s take a look at some of literature’s finest people-haters.  Barquentine (Gormenghast series) – It’s very hard to pick a character from Mervyn Peake’s gloriously demented trilogy, since many of them are people-haters of one sort or another, but Barquentine narrowly … More Ten Great Literary Misanthropes

Don’t You Think?

All of this is a lie, except for the fact it really happened.  Everyone will be talking about it, don’t you think?” She snickered nervously, involuntarily. It was what she did when unsure of her own authority, which was all of the time. Everyone? In the world? No. Seven billion people and counting will emphatically … More Don’t You Think?

Teppup ni esrever

When I first visited them, they had barely crawled from the sea.  They were simple, primitive, pagan, unworthy. They fled as soon as I appeared to them. They shunned me and what I offered.  I let them sleep.  When next I went, another had come before me .He had told them tales and they had … More Teppup ni esrever