Guide to Columbo Episodes

Here’s a guide to whodunit for all the original NBC Columbo episodes (1968-1978). Contains spoilers.  Pilots  Prescription: Murder (1968)  Killer – Dr Ray Flemming (Gene Barry), psychiatrist  Victim – Carol Flemming (Nina Foch), his wife  Method – Strangulation  Motive – Divorce by murder  Ransom For a Dead Man (1971)  Killer – Leslie Williams (Lee Grant), … More Guide to Columbo Episodes

Poem – Friends?

There are acquaintances, there are mates and there are friends. Everyone begins as an acquaintance. Occasionally, an acquaintance will become a mate. Very rarely, a mate will become a friend. But an acquaintance will never become a friend. That’s how it works.  Do you not consider us your friends? That depends.  Can I count on … More Poem – Friends?

Poem – Untitled

You can read between the lines if you like except there are no lines to speak of. Joy of blogging.  What’s it got to do with me?  Nothing.  Not a thing.  Absolutely nothing at all.   

More Haikus

Am I really  So different to  Other people?   Massive Attack Were right Inertia creeps   I understand information Some of the time And people, virtually never    Fifth wheel, Man in space station, Isolated forever   Gibbering noises Sounds homogenous All is noise   Banality Is the source And sauce of all talk    … More More Haikus