Wind and Wisdom

My Dear Sirs, Your esteemed publication recently prevailed upon me to write a little something of the history of St Fartsby’s Academy and by the grace of God and with suitable wind in my sails I shall do so, hoping these aging hands and dare one say, cheeks, are up to the challenge you have … More Wind and Wisdom

Dante Reimagined

A rewrite of sorts of Dante’s Inferno.  For some, hell is only temporary. For others – perhaps not! First Quarter Level One – The Mentally Lazy / Indolent The Wilfully Ignorant / Those who refused to think for themselves – Subjected to classes / lectures until they become more intellectually curious Gravy-Train Riders / Time-serving … More Dante Reimagined

Who’d Have Sonic?

Pretty self-explanatory. A list of every use of the sonic screwdriver in the original series of Doctor Who. Enjoy!  Second Doctor Fury From the Deep – Opening a pipeline inspection hatch. First onscreen use.  The Dominators – Cutting through a section of wall (as a blow-torch) The War Games – As a conventional screwdriver (on a … More Who’d Have Sonic?

Poem – Cut

I want you but I am not in love with you, I haven’t even visited you yet But I know you are there You can offer me the world or so you say, But you know I do not want it, You can offer me sweet relief or so you claim, And you know its … More Poem – Cut