All About Me (Part Four) – My ASD Diagnostic Journey

‘Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards.’ (Soren Kirkegaard) I have undergone assessment for Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and this is part four of my diagnostic journey. You can read part three here What’s special about April 22nd? Not much, really. The 112th day of the year is the day … More All About Me (Part Four) – My ASD Diagnostic Journey

Poem – First Aid Kit

They run They make noise You hide What is worse – Attention in abundance Or none whatever? They want to help It’s burning Overwhelming Unbearable Hands stretch out – Goawayandleavemealoneforgodssake! Screams Playgrounds of stone reverberate Begone you scrabbling hands! Weekends are for recovery When games fields are dead Humans retreat And offers of aid Lie … More Poem – First Aid Kit

Poem – Emergence

Find your tribe Your neurodiverse tribe Or whichever tribe’s the tribe for you Then celebrate; Paint, relate or write Make pictures from the dark With the things you’ve learned Your own source of light Relate stories others will imbibe Who are also of the tribe Scribble your truths on a wall Immortalise yourself in type … More Poem – Emergence

Poem – Four Haikus

All written to commemorate the journey towards autistic spectrum (AS) diagnosis Chaos Locked in toilet block Emotional vortex — Ask for help? You will receive it – Three years older — Answers to question – Who am I? Assessor moves gradually — Am I autistic? I say yes; Do they say the same?

Poem – Sanguine

I can hardly blame them Could – but won’t – For who could find it in their heart To ever censure? As they flit from fire to fire Engaging and entrancing others You can’t do it; this you know The door through which they step so easily Is forever closed to you; Never mind – … More Poem – Sanguine