Poems – Haikus

Hot, tight, crushPeople proliferateSense-head noise Ice, isolationPolarising glassSlide away, slide Arrive drunk, they do,Make sense, neverCommunication fails Weave a homeA life, or –A mind It’s best whenEveryone thereGoes away Cloud rain burstWet, longcoatProtects, home – tea Feel pain, soreBack throat scratchTears fail One clear directionStraight line, paradiseUnsuccesful The sea white –Grey, painting detailsWhale emerges An … More Poems – Haikus

Poem – Rescue

If I had a spaceship I’d rocket back in time And pull you out Before the black star collapsed And pulled you in I’d give you a spacesuit of your own Put a helmet on your head And whisk you off across space And we’d share all the adventures together Even if I could not … More Poem – Rescue

All About Me (Part Four) – My ASD Diagnostic Journey

‘Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards.’ (Soren Kirkegaard) I have undergone assessment for Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and this is part four of my diagnostic journey. You can read part three here What’s special about April 22nd? Not much, really. The 112th day of the year is the day … More All About Me (Part Four) – My ASD Diagnostic Journey