Haikus about autism

For context – I’m currently being assessed for ASD (as of July 2018) Frustration Waiting game Where is diagnosis? *** Can’t be removed Or ‘improved’ Such things are irrelevant *** We allow for everything In a world which slowly Makes allowances *** I was 30-something Eureka was 20-something years too late *** Why do you … More Haikus about autism

More Questions

I got these questions from an online magazine of all places. They were answered by Rula Lenksa and I figure if they’re good enough for her, they’re good enough for me. Plus, I’m bored… What are you working on at the moment?I have various blog ideas but they require effort to do and alas that’s … More More Questions

A Timeline of Autism

Based on various information sources online, I have compiled the following information to reflect my interest in the history of autism and how understanding has increased over the last century or so. I hope you find it interesting and useful. 1908-1911 – Eugen Bleuler (1857-1939) coined the term ‘autism’ from the Greek ‘autos’ meaning ‘self’ … More A Timeline of Autism

Poem – He Lived

He lived – In a castle of ice On a remote asteroid In another dimension Previously; He lived – In a temple In a remote jungle In a land never visited by travellers With vines growing up the side Nobody knew he was there And even if you saw him He was never truly ‘there’ … More Poem – He Lived

Poem – Achristic

This is how Christmas makes you feel when you have anxiety. Written less than an hour after a panic attack. Commercialised Horrific Ridiculous Insane Suffocating Tedious Maddening Anhedonia Senseless