Poem – Steel Trap

Noise, carpet assault On ears Anxiety, knife-blade Scorching icily through nerve-endings State a fact, You are covered By machine-guns, sniper rifles Truth is never welcome here The wolves feed on those who give it Sharpness devours attempts at kindnessi No-one connects with anyone We are solo, we have no souls We are always alone


Poem – Chameleon

There were times, The odd, occasional time When I passed for a real human being I smiled in the right places Nodded, attempted eye-contact Sounded like one of them Said the right things ‘Oh no,’ I said ‘That’s awful, I’m sorry,’ While the drunk person regaled me With the details of their life Or the … More Poem – Chameleon

Poem – OK

Yes Whatever you want Whatever makes you happy Does that work? Walk through the tunnel Try not to fall through the gap in the spaceship floor Or be devoured by monsters Or vomit your intestines through your mouth on to the walls Yes That’s fine Reassuring noises only La-la-la-la-la If I say it enough, the … More Poem – OK

Poem – Shocked

There’s too much electricity Running through the core of the world It itches like a squadron of ants Climbs inside your eye-sockets Infects your ears And makes your senses bleed There’s no time for you to recalibrate Other than by being at home And staying in, alone As most others are not even bothered by … More Poem – Shocked

Poem – Glad

You can bet entirely He’ll be very glad to go There is no doubt about it Glad to go, below For there’s nothing here at all (you know), For breath to flow To command a wish to stay And you can bet entirely He’ll be very glad to go

Poem – Script

No, I never learned it As you clearly did It was always formless And vague and starless Without any shape And yet you – And others like you – So, really – everyone – Know it off by heart Every inch, precision And each and every drilled-in part Sections add up to zero In my … More Poem – Script