“Death is the state of all non-beings whose number outweighs the souls of the living, Just as the sands of the world outnumber those contained in a single hourglass” (Anon)  We are condemned to life We are not condemned to death For death is non-existence Which is our true and natural state And therefore when … More Nothing

Poem – Folding

I didn’t want myself anymore So I folded myself Into a paper plane And threw myself away But I could not fly far enough And I landed in a suitcase As the case closed, I know I was safe, They would not look for me, They would see only the case


Backwards It’s all backwards You begin in hell and then ascend Backwards Twisting Your hands emerge from earth Upwards You wrench like a wretch Lurching Falling upwards Against gravity Against sanity Against purity You fall Upwards against  your will Slitting your way up the heavenly hill