Poem – Lost

At some point I Got lost The where and whys don’t matter I just got lost, Disappeared, And was never Heard from Again There is a loss inside us all, Which can’t be fixed, And mine was paramount, Writ large, Expanded in a black hole Until there was none of me left, Nothing to find, … More Poem – Lost

Three Poems

  How Are You? We forgot to ask If you were okay, No we didn’t forget, We just didn’t bother, We forgot to see, If you were going to leave us, We just didn’t ask, It never occurred to us, So we didn’t bother. We don’t ask robots, If they’re okay, We don’t ask machines, … More Three Poems


“Death is the state of all non-beings whose number outweighs the souls of the living, Just as the sands of the world outnumber those contained in a single hourglass” (Anon)  We are condemned to life We are not condemned to death For death is non-existence Which is our true and natural state And therefore when … More Nothing