Dante Reimagined

A rewrite of sorts of Dante’s Inferno.  For some, hell is only temporary. For others – perhaps not! First Quarter Level One – The Mentally Lazy / Indolent The Wilfully Ignorant / Those who refused to think for themselves – Subjected to classes / lectures until they become more intellectually curious Gravy-Train Riders / Time-serving … More Dante Reimagined


What is hell? It’s like asking what’s the worst thing – there’s no simple answer. All I can tell you is that turning up to something, day in, day out, and being surrounded by people who treat you with a mixture of contempt and indifference is one of the worst things I’ve experienced. Being alone … More Hell

My Idea of Hell

MY idea of hell is being forced to watch televised golf forever. Okay I’m joking – there are many things worse than that and an eternity spent doing them would be unimaginably horrible. But most of us, thankfully, have not experienced being boiled in lakes of fire or stoked in barrels of pitch by grinning demons … More My Idea of Hell