Poem -Sound

It stutters into life Like the last breath of a dying spaceship, Ornamental jazz means more to me, Than the chatter of my fellow creatures, To be assailed, assaulted by this blast of air-sounds, Go away, go away, I want to shriek at them, The citadel on an island in the lake, Filled with the … More Poem -Sound

Three Poems

  How Are You? We forgot to ask If you were okay, No we didn’t forget, We just didn’t bother, We forgot to see, If you were going to leave us, We just didn’t ask, It never occurred to us, So we didn’t bother. We don’t ask robots, If they’re okay, We don’t ask machines, … More Three Poems

You Carry On

That’s okay You carry on ignoring me  I’m not your sort  You should be happy, You got lucky, Born with everything you needed While I got all the lack  When you clomp around the office Your feet in nylons,  A toe poking through the end,  Be happy you are not me,  You’re a swell gal,  … More You Carry On

Don’t You Think?

All of this is a lie, except for the fact it really happened.  Everyone will be talking about it, don’t you think?” She snickered nervously, involuntarily. It was what she did when unsure of her own authority, which was all of the time. Everyone? In the world? No. Seven billion people and counting will emphatically … More Don’t You Think?