Poem – Magus

Why bother?  Why anything?  You rush And fly  And fall And then are gone Most of your fellow performers Think they are the star of the show A few know It’s all slight of hand A cheap carnival show A bankrupt magician A faded stage Collapsed in on itself Age after age        … More Poem – Magus

Poem – Creative

Where to find creativity? If it isn’t inside, where does it go? Where does it hide? They say we’ve all got it Somewhere inside, But tracking it down Can make you feel wide – Of the mark or just frown, As your hands do strive To make some kind of sense, Like the queen from … More Poem – Creative

I, Prospero

I remember the day we came to the island. There were two of us in those dark times, myself and my daughter. Now there is only I.  They cast us adrift in a rotten bark with barely enough food and water to last the journey. I begged for a few of the books from my … More I, Prospero