Poem – Chainsaw

When I am happy, I cannot write, When I am functioning,  I am too busy functioning, To do anything else, But when my head is unscrewed, The skull plate comes loose, And the snakes chainsaw their way Into my brain My work is done when this occurs, When the leaden weight has pinned me to … More Poem – Chainsaw

More Questions

Some more questions I found on an online article. They were originally answered by Jeanette Winterson, I removed her answers and inserted my own.  When were you happiest? While studying for my A-levels. It was by far the least complicated time in my life other than early childhood and the only point where I genuinely … More More Questions

Random Thoughts

I have thought long and hard about whether to include this on my blog and I have finally decided that I will. It’s a collection of thoughts, written over a fairly long period of time on all sorts of different subjects but predictably, depression comes up a lot. This is as personal as my writing … More Random Thoughts