More Questions

Some more questions I found on an online article. They were originally answered by Jeanette Winterson, I removed her answers and inserted my own.  When were you happiest? While studying for my A-levels. It was by far the least complicated time in my life other than early childhood and the only point where I genuinely … More More Questions

Random Thoughts

I have thought long and hard about whether to include this on my blog and I have finally decided that I will. It’s a collection of thoughts, written over a fairly long period of time on all sorts of different subjects but predictably, depression comes up a lot. This is as personal as my writing … More Random Thoughts

Ten Myths Debunked

I’ve heard or thought several of these myself. The ones I haven’t are still alarmingly common. I’ve split these into two categories – myths depressives are told and myths depressives tell themselves. First Five – Things Other People Tell You Myth – People with depression are just lazy / idle / weak-willed / spineless. They should … More Ten Myths Debunked

My Ideal Day

I can describe My Ideal Day in one sentence – a day without depression. A more detailed description would be – a day where I didn’t wake up feeling exhausted, miserable or drowning in a festering pit of self-loathing. It wouldn’t matter whether I was at work that day or not. A depression-free day would … More My Ideal Day