Poem – On Your Own

The truth is you’re on your own, Always and forever, Others may share your journey with you, Some may offer words of comfort,  Or go along for the ride if it suits them to, But you’re on your own, Always and forever And that is how it will stay  Advertisements

Poem – Pain

Inside, pushing outward there is pressure, And it feels like someone is about to die, Or perhaps has died already, There is very little point in continuity, And yet I sally forth, like all the other fools  Who like me, are lost and voiceless Bypassed by rescue ships and circling in directionless swirls,  ‘I never … More Poem – Pain

Some Haikus

Don’t try to stop me, You won’t be able to When the time comes   I will be glad to go; When I go I swear I will be glad    Continuance seems tortuous Why continue?  Is it the guilt we fear?    Devastation remains, When the person is gone, Are my thoughts then, guilty?  … More Some Haikus

Poem – Untitled

I am a red blob of pain, Black, burned and cracked, My legs and arms have left me, Stump-like I shuffle, directionless, A disembodied torso which will not die, Serrated blades point the way, All I know are knives, Don’t talk to me of life, What has life ever done for me? What has it … More Poem – Untitled

Poem – Pain

All I know is I’m in pain And it bloody hurts I cried today in therapy, It was all too much, you see And all I know is, It hurts Money is a curse, Work is worse, Not having either makes me terse, And all I know is, I’m in pain, The sourness of these … More Poem – Pain