All of these were written when feeling low / anxious / depressed. Do not read if feeling delicate. My writing has never shied away from being truthful about the world and how I feel in relation to it. If that truth is ugly and difficult at times, then so be it.  Can’t function Functioning is … More Haikus

Poem – Tower

I sympathise with the monster in the tower, I am the monster in the tower,  The villagers’ torches are orange-red, Crackling like Halloween lantern fire, And I am the monster forever They seek to destroy me, but I endure, I am me and cannot be as they, I am the monster in the tower, Yet … More Poem – Tower

Poem – Memo

I did not get the memo, I do not understand, How to behave, or how to be bland, Instead, I drag on the mask of sanity, Over my head it goes, Covering my ears, eyes and nose,  And my mouth, So I will not say,  Anything which might give me away I do not understand, … More Poem – Memo

Poem – Wired

I thought depression Was the enemy And I, via anxiety, Would know my end, Instead, I find they are signs, My brain is wired A little differently, From those who are around me, You can be wired weird Or if you like, Your wiring can be a little awry, A lighthouse with minimal light, Or … More Poem – Wired

Poem – Friends?

There are acquaintances, there are mates and there are friends. Everyone begins as an acquaintance. Occasionally, an acquaintance will become a mate. Very rarely, a mate will become a friend. But an acquaintance will never become a friend. That’s how it works.  Do you not consider us your friends? That depends.  Can I count on … More Poem – Friends?