Poem – Shiny

‘Look at all this shiny stuff we’ve won!’ Said the president. ‘Our trophy cabinets are filled to the brim – there’s never been a time or place in all of human history when they’ve been quite so full!’ Behind him, the cups and shields gleamed. Around him, there were no more staff to hear his … More Poem – Shiny

Poem – Invalidate

We’ll invalidate How you feel, As slippery as an eel, Your words they count for nothing, We will tell you they’re not real Invalidation Is an invitation For you to go away, Bother us not, Do not stay, Do not say How you feel For as slippery as that eel, We invalidate, Whatever you state … More Poem – Invalidate

Poem – My View

My view For what it’s worth Is that you shouldn’t bother, My view, For what it’s worth, Is go and find another, If they do not appreciate, The thing you do To please ’em, Then find yourself another line, For your departure Will not grieve ’em

Poem – Lost

At some point I Got lost The where and whys don’t matter I just got lost, Disappeared, And was never Heard from Again There is a loss inside us all, Which can’t be fixed, And mine was paramount, Writ large, Expanded in a black hole Until there was none of me left, Nothing to find, … More Poem – Lost