Various Haikus

He went to sleep It was all too difficult He went to sleep   Do not wake me I don’t want to be awake Let me remain   I never wanted to be here Why was I selected For a mission I never wanted   Life is a curse Death is a blessing Thank god … More Various Haikus

Poem – Exiles

Off I went to seek my fortune Or something very like it,  I never managed to find it,  Instead, I just found nothing And when I came back they asked me  Where had I been But I couldn’t tell them The strange things I’d seen, The places I’d been, While seeking my fortune for mile … More Poem – Exiles

Poem – Reject

  Reject everything you don’t understand   Or if you prefer   Reject everything   For you, they are one and the same   Party to avoid the pain,   Drink to avoid the thinking,   Rolling in the gutter   Miss looking at the stars  

Poem – Consider

I have often considered Going away And never coming back again I have often considered What they’d say When they knew they’d never see me again, I have often wondered Whether I was ever really ‘here’ at all, And if I was, why it was I could think of nothing But to leave And now … More Poem – Consider