Poem – Chainsaw

When I am happy, I cannot write, When I am functioning,  I am too busy functioning, To do anything else, But when my head is unscrewed, The skull plate comes loose, And the snakes chainsaw their way Into my brain My work is done when this occurs, When the leaden weight has pinned me to … More Poem – Chainsaw


All of these were written when feeling low / anxious / depressed. Do not read if feeling delicate. My writing has never shied away from being truthful about the world and how I feel in relation to it. If that truth is ugly and difficult at times, then so be it.  Can’t function Functioning is … More Haikus

Poem – Tower

I sympathise with the monster in the tower, I am the monster in the tower,  The villagers’ torches are orange-red, Crackling like Halloween lantern fire, And I am the monster forever They seek to destroy me, but I endure, I am me and cannot be as they, I am the monster in the tower, Yet … More Poem – Tower

Poem – Memo

I did not get the memo, I do not understand, How to behave, or how to be bland, Instead, I drag on the mask of sanity, Over my head it goes, Covering my ears, eyes and nose,  And my mouth, So I will not say,  Anything which might give me away I do not understand, … More Poem – Memo

Poem – Wired

I thought depression Was the enemy And I, via anxiety, Would know my end, Instead, I find they are signs, My brain is wired A little differently, From those who are around me, You can be wired weird Or if you like, Your wiring can be a little awry, A lighthouse with minimal light, Or … More Poem – Wired