Poem – Reject

  Reject everything you don’t understand   Or if you prefer   Reject everything   For you, they are one and the same   Party to avoid the pain,   Drink to avoid the thinking,   Rolling in the gutter   Miss looking at the stars   Advertisements

Poem -Sound

It stutters into life Like the last breath of a dying spaceship, Ornamental jazz means more to me, Than the chatter of my fellow creatures, To be assailed, assaulted by this blast of air-sounds, Go away, go away, I want to shriek at them, The citadel on an island in the lake, Filled with the … More Poem -Sound

Poem – Poison Dwarf

Poison Dwarf The kobold sits, Crouched Hunched over the toadstool, Lined face and beaver teeth, Face pinched from two few meals, The language of blood and dirt, Kobold rejects mate, For non would impregnate, This foul, hunkered goblin, This pestilence-pest, This rancid, repugnant rendering, A travesty of life which blights my sight, And makes dead … More Poem – Poison Dwarf

Three Poems

  How Are You? We forgot to ask If you were okay, No we didn’t forget, We just didn’t bother, We forgot to see, If you were going to leave us, We just didn’t ask, It never occurred to us, So we didn’t bother. We don’t ask robots, If they’re okay, We don’t ask machines, … More Three Poems

I am a Magician

I am a magician It is through my magic that things are created The books in my library are just for show, As is the staff in my hand, I make and unmake according to the needs of my will, I bend reality to my will, Force it in accordance with my desire, Things are … More I am a Magician