I was off for a fortnight. For the first week I slept for most of the day, lulled by the diminishing effects of the morphine. I listened to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, Neil Young’s On the Beach and Tonight’s the Night. I was alive but not alive. As the morphine wore off, the pain kicked in, … More Masks


If I had a superhero base, like Batman or Superman I’d have some words engraved on a rock near the entrance. I wouldn’t have a statue of my Kryptonian parents. I wouldn’t have reminders of my Earthly parents gunned down in Gotham City. Both of these things are worthy but they’re still fictional – as … More Mantra

My Ideal Day

I can describe My Ideal Day in one sentence – a day without depression. A more detailed description would be – a day where I didn’t wake up feeling exhausted, miserable or drowning in a festering pit of self-loathing. It wouldn’t matter whether I was at work that day or not. A depression-free day would … More My Ideal Day