Story – Deicide

I wrote this some time ago having been influenced by Harlan Ellison’s The Deathbird story. It’s partly an homage to that and partly an attempt to have a go at a very different style of writing. I hope you enjoy it.  I  This is the way we kill our gods Kill our gods Kill our … More Story – Deicide

Poem – Rorrim

Backwards It’s all backwards You begin in hell and then ascend Backwards Twisting Your hands emerge from earth Upwards You wrench like a wretch Lurching Falling upwards Against gravity Against sanity Against purity You fall Upwards against  your will Slitting your way up the heavenly hill

Atheist Questionnaire

I took part in a questionnaire a while ago concerning religious beliefs. I thought I’d share this as it sums up my position on religion. Were you raised atheist or did you have a religious upbringing of some sort?  In other words, to what degree (if any) was religion or atheism part of your family … More Atheist Questionnaire

Lay Off the Kool Aid – The Progress of a Pilgrim

NB – Being an atheist and humanist it may surprise some to know I have the utmost respect for Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. Along with Dante’s Divine Comedy it’s one of the greatest and most imaginative stories ever written. The following is a parody, but I hope a reasonably affectionate one. Here, my everyman equivalent of … More Lay Off the Kool Aid – The Progress of a Pilgrim