Ten Great Literary Misanthropes

Great writers have produced many great characters including some of these hard-to-love folks. So, let’s take a look at some of literature’s finest people-haters.  Barquentine (Gormenghast series) – It’s very hard to pick a character from Mervyn Peake’s gloriously demented trilogy, since many of them are people-haters of one sort or another, but Barquentine narrowly … More Ten Great Literary Misanthropes

I, Prospero

I remember the day we came to the island. There were two of us in those dark times, myself and my daughter. Now there is only I.  They cast us adrift in a rotten bark with barely enough food and water to last the journey. I begged for a few of the books from my … More I, Prospero

Shakespeare’s Body Count – Or Who Gets Whacked and Where?

I’m a big Shakespeare fan and while I haven’t read all the plays (I’m about ten short of the total), this is a guide to the body count in each of his plays. I did this ages ago for a project looking at the violence in classic literature. It’s a bit of fun really, and … More Shakespeare’s Body Count – Or Who Gets Whacked and Where?