Coked In the black earth I want to fly    Where is the day When mistakes Will never be made   They find you They find you out And out you go    The moon is appealing The sun is not The light is appalling    Stop me I cried Have you ever heard me … More Haikus

Poem – How It Is

Written while very depressed. Don’t read if easily upset.  I keep failing I keep trailing I keep bailing My life is pointless I’ll soon be dead Thank god for that I said  Don’t bother with a service Its all hypocritical horseshit,  Throw me in the hole Forget me I say  I was never really here … More Poem – How It Is

Various Haikus

He went to sleep It was all too difficult He went to sleep   Do not wake me I don’t want to be awake Let me remain   I never wanted to be here Why was I selected For a mission I never wanted   Life is a curse Death is a blessing Thank god … More Various Haikus