Story – Ex Libris

“Enjoy”, Blevins said as he handed him the wine glass. Cole took it out of basic politeness and carried it over to the mahogany desk, sat down and placed the leather briefcase on the floor. His host joined him moments later, a glass in his bony hand. He sat down in the high-backed red leather chair behind the desk, eyeing … More Story – Ex Libris

Librarians and Library Founders

In honour of my recent post about one of mankind’s greatest achievements – libraries, here’s a list to reflect the honorable practice of founding, assembling and maintaining them. Some of History’s Famous Librarians, Library Founders and Bibliophiles  Ashurbanipal (c. 668 – 627BC) King of the neo-Assyrian empire and founder of one of the earliest known … More Librarians and Library Founders

Quotes About Libraries

I have always loved libraries and this blog is a library of sorts (as are all blogs in their fashion). To reflect this, here’s some quotes about libraries from some of the best minds humanity has to offer.  “Prefer knowledge to wealth, for one is transitory, the other perpetual.” (Socrates) “Anybody who has a library and … More Quotes About Libraries